YouTube Puts the Final Meta Nail in the Harlem Shake’s Coffin

If you somehow haven't had quite enough of the Harlem Shake yet, you might be inclined to surf on over to YouTube and type in "Do The Harlem Shake." And if you were to do that, YouTube'll interpret it as a direct order, and unleash a meta-jig of its own. Can this be the final, referential nail in the viral coffin? Please? Read More >>

Harlem Shake on a Plane Could Put Lives at Risk

An admittedly rather impressive shot at getting an entire plane load of passengers doing the Harlem Shake dancing meme has ended in trouble for all involved, with US aviation experts claiming the Frontier Flight 157 could've been put at risk by having so many idiots bouncing around inside. Read More >>

A Question of Sport Jumps Over the Harlem Shake Shark

The BBC's unbearably smug sports quiz has set an incredible new shark-jumping record. It got all of its cauliflower-eared, guffawing ex-sport stars to do a version of the Harlem Shake meme that's currently horrifying every sane person on the internet. It makes you long for the good old days of Gangnam Style. Read More >>

Porn Star Internet Memes: Naked Harlem Shake (NSFW)

Because every single person on the Internet decided to force induce viralness by not really doing the Harlem Shake while making those ridiculous Harlem Shake videos, it's time to kill this meme with a "Harlem Shake" video that no one can ever top: Porn Stars doing a naked "Harlem Shake". Yep, naked. Read More >>