Birds of Prey Lands Its Huntress and Black Canary

The cast of Birds of Prey finally has more to report than rumours and “Margot Robbie returns as Harley Quinn.” Read More >>

The Animated Batman and Harley Quinn Movie is Getting its Own Comic Series

Warner Bros.’ latest animated DC movie, Batman and Harley Quinn, is set in a world where Harley has turned her back on the Joker, only to be roped into the world of capes and costumes once more to help Batman save the world from Poison Ivy. But before the movie drops, a new comic wants to show the journey Harley took to becoming her own self. Read More >>

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Woman Transforms Into Harley Quinn Using the Power of Full-Body Makeup

Kay Pike is an artist, but her preferred canvas is her own body. She also has an uncanny knack at replicating the look of 2D comic book characters with nothing but paint and the occasional prop. Most recently she decided to inhabit the look of badass villainess Harley Quinn. Read More >>