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Rise of Skywalker’s Writer and Editor Discuss Some Lingering Questions and Spoilers

With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker spoilers basically everywhere at this point, several people involved with the film are finally giving their opinion on a few of the most contentious aspects. They’ve commented on the ending, cameos, intentions, misconceptions, and a whole load more. Let’s take a look, shall we? Read More >>

Here’s a Mildly Confusing Update About Indiana Jones 5

“Is that still happening?” you ask. We, uh, we think so? Read More >>

Harrison Ford Oddly Dropped Chris Pine’s Name When Talking About the Future of Indiana Jones

“When he’s gone, I’m gone.” That’s what Harrison Ford said on the Today Show recently when asked who he’d like to see replace him as Indiana Jones. Read More >>

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Someone Used a Deep Learning AI to Perfectly Insert Harrison Ford Into Solo: A Star Wars Story

Casting anyone other than Harrison Ford in the role of Han Solo just feels like sacrilege, but since Ford is now 76 years old, playing a younger version of himself would be all but impossible. Or at least impossible if you rely on the standard Hollywood de-aging tricks like makeup and CG. Artificial intelligence, it turns out, does a pretty amazing job at putting Ford back into the role of Solo. Read More >>

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Someone Inserted Harrison Ford’s Face Into a Solo Trailer and It Is Wrong Wrong Wrong

It’s a heartwarming moment when Harrison Ford surprises Alden Ehrenreich during a press junket interview. But it’s a bloodcurdling experience watching the older man’s young face slapped onto the younger man’s present-day body. Watch this fan edit of the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer and see for yourself. Read More >>

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Star Wars Producers Fined £1.6 Million for Crushing Harrison Ford’s Leg

As a film series, Star Wars will likely outlive of us all, but the saga of Han Solo’s broken leg finally concluded this week when the production company behind The Force Awakens was fined £1.6 million for violating workplace safety rules. Read More >>

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You Don’t Break Han Solo’s Leg and Get Away With it

Han Solo’s leg has been avenged, with Disney subsidiary Foodles Production (UK) Ltd pleading guilty to two criminal charges relating to that accident on the set of The Force Awakens in June 2014. Read More >>

Steven Spielberg Pinky Promises to Not Kill Off Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford’s return to Star Wars actually becoming his prompt exit from Star Wars might have fans of Indiana Jones worried that the same fate will befall another beloved Ford hero when the actor returns for Indiana Jones 5. Not so, according to director Steven Spielberg. Or at least not so... for now. Read More >>

Indiana Jones 5 Confirmed for 2019! Harrison Ford and Spielberg Back

Indy is coming back. Disney just announced that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford will return to one of their most famous franchises as Indiana Jones 5 opens on July 19, 2019. Read More >>

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Watch Mark Hamill’s Screen Test for the First Star Wars Film

With tidbits about JJ Abrams Star Wars sequel being distributed all this week, it's worth taking a look back to see where it all started. Before Kylo Ren, before Mace Windu and before Jar-Jar there was Luke, the young farmboy in search of adventure. Here, we get to see Mark Hamill's first steps towards taking that role in a galaxy far, far away: Read More >>

Harrison Ford Considering Returning For Blade Runner 2

Any hopes of Harrison Ford returning for the oft-mooted Blade Runner sequel seemed certain to be lost like when director Ridley Scott ruled out the involvement of the Star Wars hero. But now the electric sheep-like dreams of the film's many fans could become a reality, as Ford has put himself in contention for another bout with the replicants. Read More >>

Han Solo's back, baby.
Han Solo’s Apparently Back to Save Star Wars Episode VII

Star Wars, post the whinny-Anakin years, wouldn't be good without Han Solo, and Han Solo without Harrison Ford, well, that'd just be plain rubbish. Thankfully, Ford's apparently on-board. Star Wars Episode VII with JJ Abrams and Harrison Ford might not actually suck. Read More >>

Harrison Ford Has Good Feeling About Disney’s Enormous Star Wars Sequel Pay Cheque

According to "sources" who claim to be speaking on behalf of Harrison Ford, the notoriously grumpy 70-year-old actor is open to the idea of reprising his Han Solo role in the future Disney Star War movies. And Luke and Leia are up for it, too. Read More >>