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Murder Your Family in Just 10 Minutes Thanks to Hasbro’s Speedy Monopoly

I don't know who's smoking what at Hasbro, but the latest genius idea to make it into product release is Speedy Monopoly. Read More >>

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Hasbro’s Next Monopoly Troll Variants Pokes Fun at Itself With the Longest Game Ever Edition

Hasbro is at it again with another silly buggers Mononpoly edition that just makes fun of how much the game can drag. Read More >>

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The Votes are in and the Cluedo Mansion is Getting its First Bathroom

After opening up the vote to the public as to whether to revamp the longstanding Hall or replace it outright, the public has spoken. Read More >>

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I Wore Hasbro’s Ridiculous New Star Wars Replica Helmet for a Day, and All I Got Was Some Neck Ache

No wonder those pilots spend most of their time outside of the cockpit with these things off. They’re heavy. Read More >>

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The Third Time Was the Charm for Star Wars Triple Force Friday

Every few years, Star Wars has its own toy holiday. It’s a day for fans to buy merchandise for a movie they haven’t seen yet – and a day collectors prepare for like it was a final exam. I’m talking, of course, about Force Friday, when Disney releases the first wave of merchandise for its next Star Wars movie. Read More >>

Exclusive: MCM London Attendees Get to Buy a Con-Exclusive Marvel Legends Grey Hulk Figure

There are a lot of reasons to attend a comic convention, whether that's cosplay, talks, signings, or what have you. Grouping all the geeks and nerds into one place also makes it quite appealing for retailers - especially those who have convention-exclusive gear on offer. Read More >>

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Hasbro Makes Another Disastrously Political Monopoly Variant

Hasbro's got another great Christmas present lined up for someone you despise, in the form of the latest tinkering with the Monopoly rules to empower and/or mock a particular demographic. It's hard to believe this exists and was therefore approved by numerous people on seven-figure salaries, but here it is: Ms Monopoly. Read More >>

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The Cluedo Mansion is Getting a Makeover as Hasbro Partners up With Houzz for a Revamp

After 70 years, the owners of the Cluedo mansion have called in the contractors to spruce up the place with a bit of home renovation, and you're invited to participate, but without doing any actual work. Read More >>

Monopoly Kingpin Hasbro Buys the Peppa Pig Farm

The dreamers-up of the Peppa Pig phenomenon have cashed out in glorious style, taking home the bacon equivalent of £3.3bn for rights-owning company Entertainment One. Read More >>

The Former Flash Directors Make a Saving Throw for the Dungeons & Dragons Movie

The D&D movie rolls for initiative once more, but this time a new Dungeon Master is in charge. Well, Dungeon Masters. Read More >>

Dungeons & Dragons Is Celebrating 5 Years of the 5th Edition With a Gorgeous Return to Its First Adventure

When Dungeons & Dragons rebooted its ruleset for its 5th official edition back in 2014, alongside the rules, Wizards of the Coast offered an epic battle against Tiamat herself as the first adventure for new heroes to deal with. Now, five years on, they’re revisiting it for a special, and rather fabulous looking treat. Read More >>

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The Coolest Star Wars and Marvel Reveals Hasbro Brought to Comic-Con

Every San Diego Comic-Con, Hasbro lifts the lid on what fans can expect from its line of toys and collectibles from the galaxy far, far away as well as the comics and movie universes of Marvel. This year is no exception, with everything from some very cute Star Wars figures to...Squirrel Girl on a moped?? Hell yeah! Read More >>

The New Monopoly Has a Voice Controlled AI Banker That Will Never Cheat

There are few activities that can turn the polite and civil discourse of a family gathering into a shouting match faster than a game of Monopoly. The latest edition replaces the designated banker with an intelligent, voice-activated top hat that handles all of the game’s financial transactions, giving players an outlet for their frustrations, without hurting anyone’s feelings. Read More >>

All the New Avengers: Endgame Toys That Tell You Absolutely Nothing About Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is on the way, and with it, more merchandise than you can shake an Infinity Gauntlet-clad finger at. But as people rush to find meaning out of them, let’s remember that in a world where even the trailers are lying to us, some shiny new toys aren’t going to reveal anything we don’t know already about this movie. Read More >>

This Ridiculous Slow-Motion Racing Game Penalises the Speedy

Even awkwardly tripping and stumbling on a throw rug would look super cool when played back in slow motion, as YouTube channels like The Slow Mo Guys have shown us time and time again. But with Hasbro’s new The Slow-Motion Race Game players don’t need a £100,000 high-speed camera to create a slow-motion effect; just lots of patience, steady pacing, and a willingness to potentially embarrass themselves. Read More >>