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A 3D-Printed, PIN-Protected Door Lock Won’t Protect Your Home But it Definitely Looks Cool

3D printers may have failed as a home appliance, but researchers at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut aren’t ready to give up on them just yet. Last year they successfully 3D-printed a working door handle without any moving parts, and this year they’re following it up with a 3D-printed, PIN-protected door lock. Read More >>

3d printing
A Clever 3D Printer Fixes Printing Mistakes Instead of Starting Again From Scratch

The advent of 3D printing completely revolutionised the prototyping stage of designing a new product. But while turnaround times for revisions or changes are now much faster with a 3D printer, they can be even faster if the printer fixes flawed prototypes instead of reprinting them from scratch. Read More >>

An Upgraded Tape Gun Lets You Quickly Build Life-Size Wireframe Prototypes

How many times have you battled a tape measure to try and figure out a if new piece of furniture will actually fit in your living room? With the ProtoPiper—a heavily upgraded tape gun—you can quickly build a full-scale mockup of almost any object and know for sure how big it will be. Read More >>

3d printing
This Destructive 3D Printer is the Closest We’ve Come to Teleportation

Many equate the 3D printer as being the earliest form of a real-life teleporter—or transporter, if you prefer to get your science from Star Trek. The only problem is that you're not actually moving an object from point A to point B, you're just creating a duplicate somewhere else. So "Scotty" might actually be the next step in developing a working transporter, since it goes the extra mile to destroy the original object. Read More >>