Rumour: Apple Event For New iPads and Haswell-Powered iMacs Will Be Oct 15th

Apple might be about to refresh its desktop Mac and iPad ranges next month, with rumours suggesting a new gathering of the faithful is scheduled for October 15th. Read More >>

Google’s Chromebooks Are Finally Getting Grown-Up Guts

Chromebooks aren't known for being the beefiest machines out there, but they're getting some hot new guts. Google just dropped the news that there are Chromebooks on the way rocking Intel's new 4th generation CPUs, bringing serious computing power and better battery life to the table. Read More >>

The Best Haswell-Updated Computers

There's a decent chance that a fair few of you will be stumping up for a new laptop in the next month or two, as uni students head back to halls to discover the wonders of the internet, school kids indulge in Facebook, and regular people, y'know, buy laptops. But before you do, take a moment to work out which machines have been updated with the new generation of Intel goodness. Read More >>

Are New iMacs and MacBook Pros Imminent?

We think we know Apple's got an iPhone event coming up on the 10th of September, but does it also have new iMacs and new MacBook Pros for us too? The stars are starting to align. Read More >>

MacBook air 2013 13-inch review
The MacBook Cheat Sheet

Before deciding to buy one of those gorgeous new Airs, if anyone is looking for a full breakdown and comparison of the entire MacBook lineup, commenter Ryan Bane put together a pretty comprehensive comparison between every model, every option, specs, etc. with information from Apple and around the internet. Read More >>

lightning review
13-Inch MacBook Air (2013) Review: Well Hello, Battery Life

Apple's MacBook Air has kinda been the ultimate ultrabook since before Intel trademarked Ultrabook. The 2013 Air keeps the oft-praised body of last year's Air, but with Intel's next-gen Haswell processor stuck inside. The result? Battery life and performance to absolutely die for. Read More >>

Intel Haswell Review: Can a Laptop CPU Keep Enthusiasts Happy?

Faster hardware shouldn't be this somber. Yet we can't help but furrow our brow in concern over Intel's fourth-generation Core i7 CPU, Haswell. Yes, in typical Intel fashion, it's a tour de force of technical achievement and features that's the envy of the free world. It's also, by the way, quite fast. Read More >>

Intel Has a Fanless Tablet Packing a Haswell processor…

Intel has briefly shown off a fanless tablet packing a Haswell processor: that's a lot of power with very little cooling, and it could be a very promising sign indeed. Discuss! [Engadget] Read More >>

The Kickass Processors That Will Power Your Next Computer

Bits and pieces of info about Intel's brand new 4th generation processors have been dripping out for months now. Good graphics, crazy battery life. Exciting stuff. Finally, though, we've got a full view of guts that'll power most of next year's computers, and they'll be available starting June 4th. The future looks very, very bright. Read More >>

Intel Says Haswell Will Extend Laptop Battery Life by 50 Per Cent

Intel has just made one very, very big claim: it reckons that its new Haswell chip will boost the battery life of laptops by a staggering 50 per cent. Read More >>

Now Is a Horrible Time To Buy a Laptop

So your trusty laptop is starting to show its age. No one can blame you for wanting a new one, but we've got just one piece of advice: WAIT. This is a horrible, horrible time to get a new rig. If you can hold out for just a few months, you're going to do a whole lot better for yourself. Read More >>

Intel Iris: Integrated Graphics Are Finally Awesome

Intel's integrated graphics have taken plenty of heat over the years, and most of it deserved. But the climb to respectability that started back with Sandy Bridge is about to get a turboboost. Meet Iris, the biggest generation jump in Intel's integrated graphics to date. Get ready to game. Read More >>

Intel’s New Chips: Everything You Need to Know

Intel's talking about its new stuff today at CES. Some of it's new, some of it we've heard before. But we'll let you know everything important that goes down today. Read More >>

Intel’s Haswell 3D Transistor Chipset Will Have 2X More GPU Power Than Ivy Bridge

Intel's next-generation laptop chipset (Codename: Haswell) isn't set to come out until next year, but when it does, AnandTech says the 3D-transistor-based hardware will offer twice the GPU performance as Ivy Bridge, and when idle, will consume 20x less power than Sandy Bridge. Excited yet? [AnandTech] Read More >>