Amazon Accused of Profiting From the Sale of Nazi Material

Amazon's open door Marketplace, where anyone can sign up to sell anything and it comes with the vague assurances that Amazon is behind it all, is being abused by racists, wouldn't you know? The non-shock news comes via the US-based Action Center on Race and the Economy, which has found a grim list of Nazi merchandise and general racist material up for sale to fund the activities and bumper stickers of the hate-spreaders. Read More >>

O2 Apologises for Allowing Racists to Post Out SIMs

A quite horrifying use of the mobile networks' desperation to get us signed up has been revealed by a family in London, who were sent O2 SIM cards that had been addressed to offensive names at their home addresses. Read More >>

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How to Tell If You’re a Neo-Nazi

Internet personalities Baked Alaska and Millennial Matt had a lot of fun at this past weekend’s white supremacist rallies. Well, until Baked Alaska was maced, I guess. They used tools like Twitter and YouTube to bringing their online followers into the heart of the racist action. But curiously, the two still insist that they’re not neo-Nazis. So what the hell is a neo-Nazi? Read More >>

Men Attempt to Trademark the N-Word and Swastika to Limit Their Profitability and Use

Two US men have come up with an idea that could stop hate groups profiting from their offensive merchandise — trademarking the N-word and the form of the Swastika. Your dad's going to have to have those tattoos removed. Read More >>

EU Finalising Laws To Remove Extremist Videos From Twitter, YouTube and Facebook

There's always a fine line to tread between freedom of speech and blocking content designed to incite hatred and violence against a specific group or groups of people. The EU is about to enshrine a line of some kind in law though, as it finalises plans to require internet companies to block extreme content. Read More >>

Social Media Hate Map Pinpoints the UK’s Angriest Towns

A charity concerned with online bullying and general hate speak has ironically slagged off a few UK towns and regions, claiming that Northamptonshire is the place that sees the most online misogyny. Congratulations! Or maybe not. Read More >>

Facebook’s Offering Free Ad Credit to Vocal Anti-Extremists

Facebook has been putting its money where its mouth is in following through with its promotion of the positive "counter-speech" notion, funding comedians, students and protesters who wish to use the social network to try to shout down hate groups. Read More >>

Facebook Boss Says DDoS-Esque “Like Attacks” Could Cripple ISIS

Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg has come up with a good new use for the site other than seeing what the cats of people from 2009 look like, suggesting the power of positive comments could create a "Like Attack" on those that use the social network to spread hate and anger. Read More >>

Is There Something Everyone Loves That You Secretly Hate?

The masses of the tech world will, more often than not, refuse to agree on anything. But there are still those few bits of magic that mysteriously and periodically bring joy to almost every single disgruntled cynic out there. Everyone, that is, except you. Read More >>

Tom Daley Wasn’t the Only One to Get a Torrent of Twitter Abuse On Team GB

Tom Daley hit the headlines yesterday over the arrest of a teenager, who sent him some pretty horrific abuse. It seems Twitter's got a bit of a problem on its hands, as it wasn't just Daley getting the hate, loads of Team GB have been targeted. Read More >>