Lava Lake Is Now Water Lake Atop Kilauea Volcano

Satellite images have captured the result of a lake of lava collapsing on Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, revealing an enormous new lake of water. Read More >>

Highest-Resolution Solar Telescope Ever Releases Incredible First Images of the Sun

This image is the first high-resolution shot from the 4-meter Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope in Hawai’i. Read More >>

Native Hawaiians Scored a Major Victory in the Fight Over the Thirty Meter Telescope

Many Native Hawaiians have been protesting the construction of the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope atop sacred Mauna Kea for months. They scored a victory on Thursday when Hawaii Governor David Ige announced that construction efforts were hitting pause. Read More >>

Mauna Kea’s Thirty Metre Telescope Is the Latest Front in the New Fight for Indigenous Sovereignty

Kealoha Pisciotta used to journey up Mauna Kea in Hawaii for work. A Native Hawaiian (or Kanaka Maoli), Pisciotta worked at the Joint Astronomy Centre for some 12 years helping tune and care for the telescope instruments. She liked her job and aspired to become a cosmologist someday, studying the galaxies for a living. Then, everything changed. Read More >>

Hundreds of Protestors Block Work Crews Ahead of Thirty Meter Telescope Construction in Hawaii

Construction preparation for what is supposed to be one of the world’s biggest and most powerful telescopes was set to begin Monday in the US state of Hawaii, but opponents aren’t making it easy. Read More >>

‘It’s a Travesty’: Mark Zuckerberg Gets What He Wants in Hawaii Land Grab

Līhuʻe, Kauai — On Tuesday, after years of struggle, a man Mark Zuckerberg supports secured a series of disputed properties that lie within the bounds of Zuckerberg’s vast estate in the northeast corner of Kauai in Hawaii. Carlos Andrade, a retired Hawaiian studies professor, won the four properties, totalling 2.2 acres, at auction for more than $2 million (£1.57m). He was bidding against his distant cousin Wayne James Rapozo, who represents a collection of family members who’ve been fighting to keep their ancestral property out of Zuckerberg’s control. Read More >>

Opponents Plan to Stop Controversial Hawaiian Telescope’s Construction ‘At Whatever Cost’

Native Hawaiians have a long history of losing battles over their land. This stems all the way back to the late 1800s when white sugar farmers overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom. Today, the battle lines are drawn around Mauna Kea, a sacred mountain that’s ultimately what drew the Polynesians to Hawaii, according to folklore. Ancestors are buried there, and the mountain itself is considered an ancestor. Read More >>

That Adorable Baby Octopus Is Actually a Pea-Sized Killer

An image of a pea-sized cephalopod captured by a team of scientists in Hawaii has been making the rounds this week as the result of how cute this tiny squish appears at first glance. But make no mistake, even a baby octopus can be a cold-hearted killer – and there’s photographic evidence to prove it. Read More >>

Why Hawaii Is Burning Its Massive Mangrove Trees

All over the world, from Florida to Thailand, efforts are underway to restore mangrove forests. These ecosystems have been in serious decline for the last 10 years, and sea level rise is set to threaten them further. In Hawaii, however, heavy efforts are underway to eradicate the trees. Read More >>

Native Hawaiians Turn to Ancient Traditions to Save Their Reefs

HE‘EIA, HAWAII—The mountains on the windward shores of Oahu, Hawaii, are prone to clouds. On a recent breezy summer day, though, it wasn’t water vapour that filled the air, but smoke. The mangroves were aflame. Local farmers were burning the invasive species to make room for taro, a native crop Hawaiians have grown since ancient times. Read More >>

Kilauea Volcano Has Turned This Hawaiian Shore Into an Apocalyptic Wasteland

It’s been over six weeks since lava fissures began erupting on Hawaii’s Big Island, and there’s still no end in sight. New videos taken by the US Geological Survey reveal the dramatic extent to which the encroaching lava has reshaped the surrounding landscape, turning once gorgeous beaches into a smouldering pile of volcanic waste. Read More >>

Hottest, Fastest Lava Yet Prompts Further Evacuations in Hawaii

Residents of two Big Island communities have been advised to evacuate, as fast-moving magma from the Kilauea volcano threatens the few remaining escape routes. “Heed evacuation orders,” warned Hawaii’s mayor, “or you’re on your own.” Read More >>

New Evacuation Plan in Place as Third Kilauea Lava Flow Reaches Ocean

US Marine Corps stationed in Hawaii are now on standby to help with evacuations should lava flows cut off the only remaining escape route from the beleaguered Puna neighbourhood. The latest threat comes as the Big Island enters its fourth week of eruptions, and as a third lava flow reaches the ocean. Read More >>

Haunting Timelapse Shows Hawaii’s Glowing Kilauea Volcano From Above

The recent images of Hawaii’s erupting Kilauea volcano are as fascinating as they are disturbing, but as this new timelapse video taken from the top of nearby Mauna Kea shows, the view from above the cloud tops is just as dramatic. Read More >>

Creeping Lava Now Threatens Major Hawaiian Power Plant

Molten lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has entered the grounds of Puna Geothermal Venture, a geothermal power plant that provides about 25 per cent of the Big Island’s power. Read More >>