Why Hawkeye And Other Non-Powered Superheroes Are Still Amazing

We've heard it pretty much every time Marvel's Avengers have been on the big screen. People point to Hawkeye and Black Widow and insist, "They shouldn't be here." Because what superhero team needs two normal humans? But those people are missing the point: Those heroes' normality is their greatest strength. Read More >>

Hawkeye Isn’t Even the Coolest Part of This Hawkeye Action Figure

Poor Hawkguy. Dude gets a shiny new Hot Toys figure for Civil War, and is promptly upstaged by the coolest little bonus accessory possible: a bonus arrow carrying an Ant-Man-shaped payload. Read More >>

Finally, the IFAB’s Approved Goal-Line Technology in Football

At last, after years of horribly bad referee calls, the cave full of old crooks and farts known as FIFA has approved the use of technology to track the ball in football games. This is a huge change, with profound implications in the most popular sport in the world. Read More >>

Nerdgasm Alert: Full Size Lego Avengers Props!

Ken Robichaud has created these awesome, full-sized Avengers props in Lego: Thor's Mjölnir, Captain America's shield, Hawkeye's bow and arrows and the Black Widow's thingamajigs. They are perfectly made. The arch even bends like the real thing! (nerdy scream). Read More >>