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Game of Thrones Narrows Down Its Final Season Premiere Date to a Month

The latest teaser for Game of Thrones, highlighting the biggest moments of the series while prepping us for the last season, has told us the month we can expect to see the final battle for the future of Westeros. The long march toward actually figuring out when we can watch the show again...marches on. Read More >>

Tim Blake Nelson Sheds A Little Bit of Light on His Mystery Watchmen Role

Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen TV series, slated for HBO, is a bit of a cipher. How direct of an adaptation of the comic or its world will it be, and why is there so much secrecy around the characters and plot details? How mad, precisely, will this make Alan Moore? Read More >>

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HBO Would Like Donald Trump to Stop Using Game of Thrones Memes to Stoke Fear Ahead of US Elections

Days ahead of the U.S.’s important midterm elections, Donald Trump has continued on his crusade to stoke fear in the hearts of America's conservatives with blatant lies and racism. Over the weekend, that took the form of a Game of Thrones meme that HBO is none too pleased about. Read More >>

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Naomi Watts Will Headline HBO’s Game of Thrones Prequel

The golden age of heroes in Westeros has found at least one of its heroes in Naomi Watts. Read More >>

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My Secret Shame: I Still Don’t Know Everyone’s Names on Game of Thrones

It was a cute joke at the beginning. “I watch Game of Thrones, but there are so many characters, I can’t keep them all straight.” But then the show got a second season, a third season, and became one of the biggest, most popular TV shows in history. Names like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Brienne of Tarth, and Arya Stark became almost as recognisable as Darth Vader, Captain Kirk, Frodo Baggins, and Indiana Jones. Read More >>

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A Game of Thrones Script Has Seemingly Settled That Big Ice Dragon Debate

It’s been over a year since Game of Thrones last aired, but the mystery of Viserion still lingers like a chilly breeze on a gross muggy day in midtown Manhattan. Now, thanks to a look at the script, we know the answers behind a couple of those key questions: Is he an ice dragon or a wight? Does he breathe fire or ice? And how did those stupid chains work? Okay, that last one’s unrelated but it’s still an important question, dammit. Read More >>

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This Video Examines Westworld’s Second Season and the Art of Narrative Stalling

Writing a complex ensemble cast in an ongoing television show is tricky. Sometimes, you want to build up the major conflict, but you just... can’t let it happen. It’s a problem. Read More >>

Those 4 Other Potential Game of Thrones Prequels Are Dead, But the Fifth Is Good to Go

HBO has been hard at work figuring out how it’s going to continue the Game of Thrones legacy. This included commissioning a whopping five potential spinoffs set within the A Song of Ice and Fire universe. Now that one has been approved, it looks like the other ones have gotten the Ned Stark treatment. Read More >>

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Maisie Williams Shared a Bloody Tribute to Her Time on Game of Thrones

Actors are starting to wrap filming their parts on the final, long-awaited, and still a long ways off final season of Game of Thrones. Actors often post on social media commemorating those sorts of endings, but I’ve not seen anything quite like Maisie Williams’ tribute to her time as Arya. Read More >>

The Westworld Finale Was a Beautiful, Bonkers Mess

Crazy twists! Shocking murders! Secret hosts! The ultimate Bernard vs. Dolores showdown! If those are the things you loved about watching Westworld, Monday night's season two finale had to be immensely satisfying. If you wanted everything to make sense, well… maybe not so much. Read More >>

Westworld Approaches Its Endgame With Death, Tragedy, and a Few Major Revelations

If you watch Westworld for the shocks, last night’s instalment couldn’t have disappointed you. And, while it didn’t reach the heights of last week’s phenomenal episode, which told an epic love story that had been lying in the margins of the main narrative, “Vanishing Point” told a story of self-obsession and lovelessness instead. Read More >>

Westworld Just Took a Huge Step Closer to Revealing What’s in the Valley Beyond

Bernard’s been through a lot this season, but things took a turn for the even more intense — while explaining a bit about why his behaviour's been so erratic this season — in “Les Écorchés.” And while we’re now one big step closer to the Valley Beyond... we ain’t there yet. Let’s recap! Read More >>

If You Want More of Westworld’s Shōgun World, Watch These 7 Movies

Season two of Westworld has ventured into several new settings — including Shōgun World, a highly anticipated reveal since it was teased at the end of season one. The park recreates Japan’s Edo period with some heavy-handed nods to the Wild West — and unsurprisingly, the show’s creators drew inspiration from classic samurai films, as well as spaghetti Westerns. Want to spend more time in those vast cinematic worlds? Here are seven titles to get you started. Read More >>

Damon Lindelof Unveils His Bold Plans for the Watchmen TV Show in an Emotional Letter to Fans 

Watchmen is heading to television—but in a way you might not expect, according to producer and writer Damon Lindelof. In a new letter to fans, the creator channels some of the series’ most beloved moments to explain what’s in store when it eventually makes its way to HBO. Read More >>

Westworld’s Shōgun World Was Everything I Expected It to Be, But Not Much Else

It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for since the season one finale, but it turns out Shōgun World faces a unique problem that I wasn’t expecting, and it wasn’t the ninjas, tyrannical lords, or even “cop-killer” samurai that fill the park. It’s that compared to Westworld, and all the care that Delos and Dr Ford put into creating it, Shōgun World sort of sucks. Read More >>