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It’s Official: HBO’s Game of Thrones Doesn’t Come Back Until 2019

Looks like we’re going to have to wait for at least one more normal winter to pass before Game of Thrones’ super-winter arrives. HBO has confirmed the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will air in 2019. Read More >>

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There’s a Reason Game of Thrones’ Dragons Might Make You Blush

In George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, the author devotes a lot of time to fleshing out and differentiating between the various personalities of Daenerys’ three dragons. HBO’s Game of Thrones has done the same, albeit to a lesser extent, choosing instead to focus primarily on Drogon, the largest of the dragons. Read More >>

A Game of Thrones Character Just Published a Study on the Climate of Westeros

HBO’s Game of Thrones has some weird-ass climate patterns, and a mock journal article from the University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute this week tries to apply the scientific method to the “winter is coming” mantra. Read More >>

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See the Downfall of Dragons and the History of the Dragonpit in this Animated Game of Thrones Featurette

The longer Game of Thrones has gone on, the more and more it’s plunged into the nitty-gritty of George R.R. Martin’s fantastical setting and its most obscure concepts—so it’s good that HBO’s home releases are packed with little animated primers to keep you in the know when it comes to Westeros’ long history. And this new one is all about dragons. Read More >>

Iranian Man Charged in HBO Hack Allegedly Wanted £4.5 Million in Bitcoin to Stop Leaks

The US Justice Department on Tuesday charged an Iranian national with hacking into HBO, as well as attempting to extort the television network for $6 million (£4.5 million) worth of bitcoin, according to an indictment filed Tuesday in the US District Court in Manhattan. Read More >>

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Game of Thrones Casting Debunks a Fan Theory That Didn’t Even Make Sense in the First Place

Game of Thrones fans are crushed after learning that a casting announcement has killed hopes of a “beloved” character returning for season eight—debunking a popular fan theory that, while kind of fun and silly, does not compute. Read More >>

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Looks Like It’s Time to Add Another Possible Game of Thrones Prequel to the List

HBO already has four possible Game of Thrones prequels in development, why not add a fifth? Game of Thrones co-executive producer and writer Bryan Cogman looks to be working with George R.R. Martin himself on another possible prequel to the hit series. Read More >>

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See How Aegon Conquered Westeros in Game of Thrones’ Official Animated Miniseries

Game of Thrones may be focused on the war for the Iron Throne, but there’s another epic battle in the past that’s just as iconic, and it’s finally getting a miniseries of its own. Read More >>

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Game of Thrones’ Finale Will Have Multiple Versions

HBO is very concerned about spoilers — it's not a surprise, considering the amount of hacks and leaks the company faced during the recent season of Game of Thrones. In an effort to combat any spoilers leaking out into the wild, multiple versions of the programme's finale will be filmed. That way, nobody knows what's really happening. Not even the cast. Read More >>

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6 Dumb-as-Rocks Game of Thrones Fan Theories (That Could Still Technically Be True)

Game of Thrones, if you’ll forgive the pun, changed the game on fan theories. The HBO show has inspired countless Reddit threads, discussion forums, and crazy homemade conspiracy walls decked out with pictures, names, and string in hopes of tying all the pieces together. Some of those theories have actually come true, most notably “R+L=J.” However, others seem like they’re too dumb to exist—and yet here we are. Read More >>

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This Gorgeous Game of Thrones Fan Video Compiles Seven Seasons of Hints About Jon Snow’s Lineage

Game of Thrones hit us with a (relatively expected) whammy in the season finale, finally revealing the full truth about Jon Snow’s parentage. However, the show has actually been building up to it since the very beginning of the series, and this video has collected every single hint, tease, and twist along the way to the season seven finale in one of the best fan tributes I’ve ever seen. Read More >>

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Game of Thrones Cut a Scene That Would’ve Explained That Winterfell Twist

The season finale of Game of Thrones had plenty of twists and turns, even if many of them were expected. One of the biggest took place in Winterfell at the culmination of the Arya vs. Sansa conflict—arguably the season’s worst storyline—but seemingly came out of nowhere. As it turns out, the show cut a key scene that would’ve explained it all, but also made the whole mess worse. Read More >>

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Here’s What Happened the Last Time the White Walkers Invaded Westeros

The stage has been set for Game of Thrones’ final season, as a terribly divided Westeros faces an invasion by the White Walkers... but this won’t be the first time they’ve tried to eradicate humanity. Here’s everything we know about the first war between humans and the Walkers—and what it can tell us about the war to come next season. Read More >>

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Here’s the First Episode of HBO’s Seven-Part Game of Thrones Behind-the-Scenes Series

Did you hear the Game of Thrones season finale happened last night? If you’re on the internet, you may have read a thing or two about it. But buried in all that discussion was the fact that HBO is giving fans just a little bit more of Westeros this year. Read More >>

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The Game of Thrones Finale Wasn’t Perfect, But it Made the Season a Hell of a Lot Better

After six episodes that have been incredible, infuriating, revealing, confusing, and epic, last night’s Game of Thrones finale had a great many things to answer for. They were the answers needed to help recalibrate the show’s uneven seventh season so it ended up greater than the sum of its inconsistent parts—even if that doesn’t equal the show’s best seasons. Read More >>