The New Westworld Season 3 Trailer Sets Up an Epic Showdown

When season two of Westworld ended back in April 2018, it felt like season three would never come. The year 2020 felt so far away. Well, that time has finally passed and Westworld season three is coming – with a brand-new trailer that hammers the point home in as epic a way possible. Read More >>

Avenue 5 Contains All the Absurd Chaos We Hope to Never Encounter in Deep Space

One of sci-fi’s go-to plots is “disaster in the depths of space,” where a catastrophe endangers the mission and, ultimately, human lives. HBO’s new series Avenue 5 (shown on Sky One over here) takes that well-worn idea and dunks it into a mix of biting wit, cruise-ship cheese, and unlikable characters you somehow can’t get enough of. Read More >>

8 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to Read (or Re-Read) Before Their Adaptations Hit the Screen

While we generally stick to recommending new books, there are tonnes of older sci-fi and fantasy books worth your time – including those with the added interest of television or movie adaptations on the way. Here are eight titles you should add to your read (or re-read) list; if you really want an even 10, go ahead and throw Dune and The Stand on there too. Read More >>

valentines day
With Our Delightfully Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards, You Can Become a Clan of 2

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (and right before a holiday weekend)! To celebrate this most romantic/horniest of days, we present a collection of nerdy Valentines – featuring cameos from the Mandalorian, Jean-Luc Picard, Harley Quinn, and, of course...a Witcher in a tub. Read More >>

game of thrones
George R.R. Martin Says Game of Thrones Could Have Ended With a Cinematic Trilogy

Game of Thrones’ series finale came, we watched it, and... that was that. But according to George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones’ final season could have potentially worked out much differently had an early pitch to HBO for the series gone differently. Read More >>

Rosario Dawson Will Headline Her Very Own Comic Book Show

She’s voiced Wonder Woman and Batgirl, and appeared in Sin City, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders. And yet, despite that incredible comic book resumé, Rosario Dawson has never lead her own comic book project. Until now. Read More >>

The Outsider Presents a Perfectly Eerie Supernatural Evolution for True Crime

Three episodes in, HBO’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Outsider feels a bit reminiscent of True Detective, both in subject matter and dread-filled tone. But the network’s grisly mystery series have a major difference: unlike True Detective, which leans into the unexplainable but never quite crosses that line, The Outsider is fully embracing the supernatural. Read More >>

Here’s Why Game of Thrones Spin-Off House of the Dragon Was Chosen Over the Others

Fans waiting for the first Game of Thrones spin-off show have lots more waiting to do. HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys said today that the House Targaryen prequel, House of the Dragon, probably won’t arrive until 2022. Bloys also explained why that story, and not the Jane Goldman-penned prequel starring Naomi Watts, was chosen to move to series. Read More >>

HBO Invited Us to a Westworld Dinner Party, Where We Were the Ones Roasted

“Ms. Cranz, would you prefer a tequila or vodka shot? Don’t worry. We know the difference.” With one question a Westworld “robot” had roasted me to a cinder and brought into relief everything cool and terrifying about HBO’s Westworld “activation” at CES. Read More >>

game of thrones
Behold: Game of Thrones’ Worst Season 8 Moments Reenacted With Puppets

Game of Thrones’ final season was kind of a mess. There may have been a few standout moments, but it mostly fell flat with disappointing stories, bizarre character turns that weren’t supported by previous seasons, and the most expensive battle scene of all time...that no one at home could actually see. Read More >>

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Watchmen May Be Over, But You Can Relive It All Via Its Digital Effects

Season one of Watchmen is over and it’ll probably be a long time before we see any more episodes...if we ever see any more episodes, which is a decidedly sad thought. At least now that it’s over, we can appreciate the entire season as a whole in any way that we’d like. Read More >>

Holy Shit, Watchmen’s Lube Man Slide Was Real

Watchmen might have come to a resoundingly stunning end, but somehow...somehow this damned show just keeps shocking us. Read More >>

His Dark Materials Turns Things Around With an Intense (But Non-Violent) Bear Fight

You cannot trick a bear – unless your name is Lyra Belacqua, in which case you totally can. After a few disappointing episodes that left us concerned about the future of the series, His Dark Materials has shown that all it needed was a change in scenery, a renewed focus on its two young stars, and at least...10 more bears. Read More >>

Watchmen’s Season Finale Was a Devastating Goodbye and a Beautiful Hello

How does a first (and perhaps final) season of television like Watchmen’s come to an end? With beauty, grace, batshit comic book plot twists, and a reminder that nothing ever ends even when it seems as if everything’s drawing to a close. Read More >>

The Creators Behind Watchmen are Being Very Cagey About a Second Season

When HBO’s ersatz Watchmen sequel was announced, it was framed, very clearly, as a miniseries. One season, in and out, one and done. But when asked the question now, the various answers given by the cast and crew of the show are... a bit different. Read More >>