2020 Will be Remembered as the Year Sky Finally Got Some HDR

The elite-level of Sky TV subscription over-payers will forever remember May 27th, 2020, as that's the day high dynamic range content is finally set to appear on some Sky TV set-top boxes. Read More >>

Which Disney+ Movies Can You Watch in 4K and HDR in the UK? [Updated]

One of the defining characteristics of Disney+ is that it's one price and plan for everyone. Unlike, say, Netflix, you don't have to pay more for things like better picture quality. So in other words you can watch films in the best possible way, namely 4K and HDR, while only paying that same £6 a month of £60 a year. Read More >>

Sky’s HDR Support Back-Burnered for a Year at Least

Our site search facility seems to be working today and says we've been expecting Sky to launch a form of HDR on its platform – or at least via the costlier Sky Q part of it – for well over a year, but it still hasn't happened as we limp sadly and bruised into 2020; and now the broadcaster is saying it may not happen until the very end of next year or beyond. Read More >>

Qualcomm is Bringing Dolby Vision Video Capture to the Snapdragon 865

Recording video in HDR is nothing new, and there are dozens of phones out there that can record stuff in 4K resolution and the improved colours of high dynamic range. But that HDR is usually HDR 10 or early versions of HDR 10+, what about Dolby Vision? Read More >>

Netflix Certifies Six New Phones for HDR Support Including the OnePlus 7 Pro and Huawei P30

Netflix has given the go ahead for HDR support for six new handsets including devices from OnePlus, HuaWei, and Razer. Read More >>

Here’s Where All the 4K Content for Your New TV Is Hiding

You’ve got your hands on a shiny new 4K television set, or a 4K computer monitor, or even a smartphone with a 4K screen... so where’s all the 4K content at? It can sometimes feel like its impossible to find good looking stuff for your brand new display. From the TV makers, to the set top box manufacturers, to the streamers, no one is making it super easy to find this stuff. But don’t worry, we’ve got some tips for making it a little simpler to find. Read More >>

The Pixel 3XL Can Do 1440p60 HDR Video Playback

Exciting news for video fans: the Google Pixel 3XL can play HDR videos at 1440p60 – QHD at 60 frames per second, in other words. Read More >>

4K Vision: Inside The BBC’s Journey To Making TV In Ultra-HD

Over the summer, you might have spotted that the BBC has been quietly dipping its toe into Ultra-HD (UHD) waters. Following the successful iPlayer debut of Blue Planet II in UHD last Christmas, the corporation has more recently been offering the World Cup and Wimbledon’s Centre Court in UHD too - and according to recently released figures these events together totally 1.6m requests for UHD live streams on iPlayer. Read More >>

The BBC Just Tested Live 4K HDR Footage for the First Time

The BBC isn't one to shy away from experimenting with different ways of broadcasting. It's played with all sorts of live broadcasts, and while some of them fail to pan out those experiments still happen. Now the Beeb has gone and performed its first live stream of 4K HDR video in the form of a rugby match. Read More >>

How to Buy a Smart TV That Won’t Make Your House Sad

In the market for a brand new, shiny, smart TV? The good news is that there’s more excellent choices out there than ever; the bad news is that working your way through all the options can take up precious time you could be spending binge-watching Westworld. Let us ease your purchasing headaches and point out what to look for. Read More >>

This 4K Webcam Will Show Your Every Flaw to Your Fans

Webcams aren’t quite the must have accessory they were in 2010. Now every laptop and tablet has a camera on the front, ready and willing to broadcast your multitude of chins out onto the internets. But the webcam fattening the bezel of your laptop has some pretty severe limitations, ranging from lack of flexibility to quality. If you’re a serious streamer, or addicted to Skype, you’ll need something more. Logitech thinks it’s made that something. Read More >>

What the Hell Is HDR?

If you followed the news out of CES closely you probably heard the word HDR tossed around a lot. This coming year we’ll see lots of TVs for under £500 with the feature, and fancy monitors for nearly £1000. But what does HDR even mean? Read More >>

The Next Big Thing in Filmmaking Has Come to YouTube

YouTube, the second most popular website on the internet, has the ability to drive change and the adoption of new technologies in visual mediums like no other website. In the past it has put that ability to good use. It was an early adopter of 4K content and continues to possess the largest repository of said content. The same is true of 360 video. Now YouTube is finally embracing HDR, which means newer videos are going to get a lot more realistic looking. Read More >>

PS4 Pro Is the Most Powerful Console Ever Built, But You Might Not Notice

There’s a moment playing Infamous First Light, as the heroine made of light climbs up a wall in pitch black darkness, that I fully appreciate the hype around the PS4 Pro. The woman is a multicoloured bundle of light particles and thanks to HDR, I can make out each particle and note the way they each cast their own vibrant glow on on the red brick wall. Normally, she’d be a big blob of light, but high dynamic range gives you details in moments of extreme brightness and extreme darkness. I’m watching the next big step in video games, and it is extraordinary. Read More >>

Roku Premiere+ and Ultra are Better Than the Competition and a Third of the Price

Last month, Roku unleashed a whole slew of new set-top boxes meant to cater to every single person ever. There’s the box for people with old TVs (Roku Express+), the slightly different box for cheapskates (Roku Express), the boxes for regular joes (Roku Stick and Roku Premiere), and the coolest boxes — the two meant for people with a super expensive TV and a need to watch more than Netflix: the Roku Premiere+ and more expensive, but fully featured Roku Ultra. Read More >>