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The Head Transplant Doctor Has a VR System for Helping Patients With Terrifying Transition

There are few things that cause me to feel visceral horror the way head transplants do, specifically the potential of the body to reject the transplant. I lose it. Now, the questionable neurosurgeon involved says he has a VR system that will prepare patients for the shock of looking down and seeing someone else’s body. Read More >>

Russian Man Volunteers For First Human Head Transplant

In news that is so weird, you almost won’t believe it, a Russian man has volunteered to be the guinea pig for the world’s first head transplant, which two doctors want to perform early next year. Valery Spiridonov — a 31-year-old Russian man who operates an educational software company out of his home in the small city of Vladimir, Russia — suffers from Werdnig-Hoffmann disease, which confines him to a wheelchair. The disease is genetic and usually fatal, a disorder “that wastes away muscles and kills motor neurons — nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that help move the body". Read More >>

The Crazy Science Behind a Proposed Human Head Transplant

An Italian neuroscientist who is an advocate of head transplants now wants to make one actually happen. He'll be announcing a project at a surgical conference later this year. Here's how the human head transplant will work — supposedly. Read More >>