Microsoft Just Worked Out How to Make the Headphone Jack Fit in Half the Normal Space

When Apple, Google, and others removed the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack from their phones, we were told it's all about ushering in the digital future of music and connectivity. It was also to save space, since the 3.5mm port is quite a bulky component, relative to everything else. Apple needed space for its haptic sensors, and Google claims it needed the room to pave way for the bezel free phones of the future. Read More >>

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Guess Why This Silly Sausage Drilled a Hole Into His iPhone 7

If you really want an iPhone 7 but can’t quite afford one, you’ve come to a bad place. Seriously, go away. This is only going to annoy you. Read More >>

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People Are Already Trying to Put Headphone Jacks Back in the iPhone 7

The headphone jack had to die, and Apple fans have known the 7 was going to ditch the 3.5mm port well in advance of the official announcement. That hasn’t stopped lots of people from being mad about it—and a few others from finding a quick and dirty solution. Read More >>

Apple Wants to Know if You Still Use Your MacBook’s Headphone Jack

Apple has hinted that it may jack-off all over the MacBook, with numerous users being confronted with potentially worrying surveys in recent days. Read More >>

The Best Thing About the Death of the Headphone Jack are These Sex Memes

We may have lost our beloved headphone jack, but it’s human nature to find an iota of hope in even the worst tragedies. Thanks to a host of different technological innovations and the beautiful creativity of the human brain, we can express those small, but mighty sentiments of hope using the power of memes. As it turns out, Apple’s complex system that allows you to charge your phone while plugging in your headphones is the perfect metaphor for the complex nature of human sexuality, love, and desire: Read More >>

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Apple’s Tiny AirPods EarBuds Cost £159 in the UK. Yikes.

The 3.5mm headphone jack that has existed in audio players for 100 years is no more. Apple ditching the headphone jack had been rumoured for some time, but it was unclear what Apple was going to do to replace it. In part, it’s all about the lightning port—and lightning buds will ship with the iPhone. But the real future is AirPods, the truly wireless that look just like EarPods without the wires. Read More >>