Can This Little Magic App Make Your Headphones Sound Perfect?

A new app from a Latvian outfit called Sonarworks claims it can tune music to play perfectly through specific headphone models. So whether you’re using AirPods or a swanky pair of £900 Auduze LCD-2s, you’ll hear the same exact mix. Could the future of making music sound good be an app that compensates for the terrible headphones most of us insist on buying? Read More >>

The Best Wireless Headphones You Can Buy Right Now

Admit it: you need to get some wireless headphones. With the technology getting so good and with headphone jacks disappearing, it just makes sense to invest in a future without wires if like listening to music or watching videos or just making the outside world less loud. How you use your headphones ought to inform which ones you get, of course. And that’s what this guide is for. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Surface Headphones Sound Like Disappointment

I’ll say one thing about the new Microsoft Surface Headphones. They’re pretty, especially if you like the colour grey. I’ll tell you a few other things. The Cortana features are frustrating. The noise-cancelling tech is basically fine. The ear cups aren’t super comfortable. And the headphones just don’t sound that amazing. They’re a good fashion statement. “Look at me,” these branded cans scream, “I’m a loyal Microsoft user.” Read More >>

Grado’s First Bluetooth Headphones Are Everything I Wanted Them to Be

After years of speculation about whether it would ever happen, Grado Labs’ first wireless headphone, the GW100, is finally here. Even if they’re using the same Bluetooth tech used by big box brands you might be more familiar with, they’re unlike any other wireless headphone I’ve ever used. Read More >>

All Headphones With Google Assistant Will Soon Become Babelfish

Google Translate is full of wizardry that the Big G has historically been pretty bad at shouting about. For instance, hardly anyone seems to know that you can hold your phone camera over a menu in another language and see it in English via the magic of Word Lens, bought by Google in 2o14. Read More >>

Microsoft Makes Surface Headphones Now

Microsoft just announced a whole lot of stuff at an event in New York, but it saved the weirdest for last. The company, best known for its software and nice computers, is now making headphones. Read More >>

Razer’s New Haptic Headset Rumbles Your Dome Like a Subwoofer

Game controllers and phones have been able to rumble for years, cinemas have seats that will shake the shit out of you—so why not headphones? And I’m not talking about getting a little more thump from turning the bass up, but some real brain-wobbling tremors. Read More >>

Finally, Sports Headphones That Sound Truly Great

I pedal double-time on the stationary bike whenever Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” is blasting at my gym. The song’s unrelenting beat keeps me moving, even when my body is screaming to stop. When you don’t have a personal coach or a workout buddy to keep you motivated, only your workout music can keep you honest. Too bad sports headphones often suck: They either hurt or keep falling out or sound like garbage. The Sport Wireless Train headphones made by Under Armour and JBL aren’t a traditional pair of sports headphones—they go on your ears instead of in them—and they offer a welcome departure from some of the pain points that plague even the best sets out there. Read More >>

OnePlus Announces Type-C Bullets Earphones

Going hand-in-hand with the news that OnePlus' next handset won't have a 3.5mm headphone jack, the company has just unveiled a new set of headphones: the Type-C Bullets that connect via USB-C. Read More >>

OnePlus Confirm That The 6T Won’t Have a Headphone Jack

Those headphone jacks in mobile phones are disappearing faster than bread from supermarket shelves after a snowflake falls to the ground. The latest mobile phone to be losing a headphone jack is OnePlus' next handset, presumably the OnePlus 6T. Read More >>

Sony Continues to Drink Bose’s Milkshake

If you listen to what Sony says, you could assume that the third generation of the Sony 1000X wireless headphones is all about better noise cancelling. This wouldn’t be a wrong assumption. The company managed to make its famous noise-cancelling headphones cancel even more noise. But what caught my attention is how much more comfortable they are. This is a sassy upgrade, since Sony’s major competitor, Bose, put “comfort” in the name of its headphones. Read More >>

Sennheiser’s New Momentum True Wireless Earbuds Look Like a Pricey Good Time

Here’s the frustrating thing about Sennheiser. The company makes consistently terrific (and terrific-looking) products that cost a little more than you want to spend. At least that’s the case with the new Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds. They are handsome, and they cost £300. Read More >>

The Best Way to Upgrade Your Cheap, Crappy Earbuds

Listen, I get it. Your phone came with a pair of earbuds, and you’ve been using them every day, because they’re fine. Things could be so much better, my friend. Sometimes in life, it’s worth splurging on on a thing you use a lot. And upgrading from your tinny, terrible earbuds to proper headphones is one of those times. Read More >>

Bose Has a Pricey Winner With Its Sleep-Friendly Earbuds

Sleeping on the weekends is rough. My flat is across the street from a bar that grows only louder and more crowded in the height of summer, so a good Saturday night snooze is usually out of the question. Raucous drinkers, the thump of the bass from the building, and the sound of my air conditioner create a cacophony nearly impossible to ignore. I’m not a fan. But Bose thinks its “Sleepbuds,” white noise masking earbuds designed to be worn during sleep (coming to the UK this autumn), can help alleviate the issue without resorting to the tried and true noise-cancelling technology used in some of its headphones. I get the appeal, but can a £229 white noise generator jammed in my ear canal really solve my sleeping problems? Read More >>

If This Leak Is Legit, the Pixel 3 XL Will Be Google’s Ugliest Phone Yet

If you’re worried that Google might change its mind about including the hated notch on its rumoured Pixel 3 smartphone, don’t be: You’re still getting that terrible notch, if this alleged unboxing of a Pixel 3 XL is the real deal. Read More >>