Apple’s Blaming Third Party Batteries for Those Exploding Headphones

Back in March, while flying between Sydney and Beijing, a woman was quite badly burned after her headphones caught fire. The brand of headphones hasn't been revealed, but since Apple has released a statement on the matter it seems more than likely that they're Apple-manufactured. Read More >>

Lightning Earbuds With Built-in Charging Make Avoiding Wireless Slightly Easier

After the initial outrage of Apple removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 died down, users not wanting to go wireless soon realised that using the phone’s Lightning port meant they could no longer charge while listening to music. Pioneer’s new Rayz Plus earbuds include a simple solution to that problem, but they’re still far from perfect. Read More >>

Handy New ‘Jack’ Makes Any Headphones Wireless

Mobile phone manufacturers might be ready to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack for good, but consumers aren't. Every new announcement of a phone dropping the standard port last year - following Apple, of course - was met with groans and kvetching, and for good reason. We've all got years' worth of 3.5mm headphones, and not everyone wants to replace them with £160 earrings. Read More >>

Forgetting a £80,000 Pair of Diamond-Saturated Headphones on a Plane Would Be Tragic

Thanks to Onkyo, throwing on a pair of fancy rose gold Beats headphones is no longer a status symbol. Compared to Onkyo’s new Diamond Headphones which will be available — to a select few — for somewhere around £80,000, those rose gold ear goggles you were so proud of might as well be just another boring pair of white iPhone earbuds. Read More >>

ces 2017
What to Expect at CES 2017

It’s that time of year again—time for the biggest technology companies in the world to gather in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The week-long gadget extravaganza always proves to be a complete circus. It’s the one place can go to see the newest technology in basically every imaginable category: drones, TVs, speakers, headphones, virtual reality headsets, self-driving cars, robots and dozens of other crazy concepts. It’s where company’s show us their biggest ideas about the future of consumer tech. Read More >>

year in review
The Best Gadgets of 2016

We spend a lot of time playing with gadgets at Gizmodo. A lot! Very few actually impress us, but 2016 did deliver some great gear we actually liked. Here are some of our favourite gadgets this year. Read More >>

This Malware Turns Headphones Into Microphones

Researchers at Ben Gurion University in Israel have created malware that will turn your plugged in headphones into a microphone. Read More >>

gadgets Is Back With Another Terrible Gadget

Noted gadget-liker has yet another new product for us: Bluetooth headphones with a preposterous name. Read More >>

Apple Delays AirPods 

Back in September, Apple promised us that AirPods would be released at the end of October. Well, it’s the end of October. Where the hell are our AirPods? Not in our ears, that’s for sure. Read More >>

Bowers & Wilkins’ P7 Wireless Are My New Favourite Headphones

Testing headphones is a fun job for a music lover. Even if the cans suck, you get paid to listen to music. Yet sometimes, a set comes along that makes you want to listen because it’s suddenly more fun. The Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless are those headphones for me. Read More >>

iPhone 7 Users Not Happy With Another Thing Today

People who weakly submitted to peer pressure and bought an iPhone 7 already are finding plenty of minor things to complain about on the internet, with today's thing being an apparent bug in the official Apple wired Lightning EarPods. Read More >>

Why the Headphone Jack Had to Die

Apple’s new generation of iPhones will not include a standard 3.5mm headphone input. The decision signals the demise of an audio port that’s been used for more than 100 years — and honestly, it’s about time. The death of the headphone jack is a very good thing. Hear me out. Read More >>

The Best Way To Charge Your iPhone 7 and Use Wired Headphones Is a Giant £35 Dongle

Upgrading to the iPhone 7 and lack wireless headphones? Say hello to your new reality. Belkin appears to be the first accessory maker with a Lightning dongle that lets you attach a pair of Lightning connector headphones and a charging cable at the same time. Sigh. Read More >>

The, AHEM AHEM, Apple Plug is the Best Way to Upgrade Your iPhone 6S

Ha ha, yes really. Apple really did bin off the 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPhone 7, in the transparent hope that its fans might spend £160 on a pair of wireless headphones instead, headphones that also ha-ha-yes-really need to be charged all the time. In a special little case. Hence everyone saying Apple's lost it again. Read More >>

Noise Cancelling Lightning Headphones Want to Make Your iPhone’s Battery Even Worse

There is one thing everyone can agree with about the iPhone. The battery life sucks. Maybe it'll get you through the day, but maybe it won't. Now that it's all but confirmed Apple is ditching the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, we're going to see that battery life get even worse. Case in point: Libratone's new Q Adapt In-Ear  noise cancelling lightning earbuds. Read More >>