Allow Me to Criticise the AirPods Pro, Which I Love

I’ve never loved the AirPods. That’s mainly because I’m one of the few people whose ears just don’t fit with the mostly universal design. But they wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t great earbuds. So when Apple announced the AirPods Pro with different fit options and a flurry of new features, I thought it must be time for me to be a fanatic. I’ve been using them for a week, and I love them. I also don’t think they’re for everyone. Read More >>

Bang & Olufsen’s Latest Earphones Offer Impressive Sound at a Hefty Cost

Bang and Olufsen has long marketed itself as a prestige brand, calling out its own quality of sound and performance. In that regard, the Beoplay E6 Motion earphones lives up to the name and reputation. The wireless earbuds feature crisp, orchestral sound quality with deep bass, easy connectivity and sleek controls. It's just a shame that they're joined by the world's most annoying cord. Read More >>

Eco-Conscious Brand House of Marley Unveils Its First Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Exodus ANC is the brand's first active noise cancelling, wireless headphones, so you can be anti-social and eco-friendly at the same time. Read More >>

Apple Finally Announces AirPods Pro, and These Ones Might Actually Fit in Your Ears

It seems as though the an upgraded version of Apple's AirPods have been rumoured for months. We had a minor upgrade earlier this year, but all those came with was better connectivity and battery life. Both are very useful, but not the kind of thing people were expecting. Now, though, Apple's gone and made the AirPods Pro official. Read More >>

Beats Turned a Corner With Its New Noise Canceling Headphones

Just four short years ago, we were warning you about Beats. Folks were tearing apart old sets of Solo headphones to find bad build quality and extra metal pieces that were seemingly there only to make the headphones a little heavier. Rude! As Beats released new models over time, we fretted about how flimsy Beats were, despite the high price tag. But now, Beats headphones are being reborn under the guardianship of Apple’s industrial design team. This resurrection doesn’t come cheap, but it is impressive. Read More >>

Apple Finally Made Beats Look Good

Beats just announced the all-new, noise-cancelling Solo Wireless headphones, and they are, by many measures, beautiful. These represent the first Beats headphones to be completely redesigned under the supervision of Apple. (The new Powerbeats Pro were the first earbuds.) That Apple oversight goes a long way. Read More >>

Sleeper Hit? Not Quite, as Bose Discontinues Its £229 Sleepbuds

After just over a year on the market, Bose has now discontinued its £229 Sleepbuds, citing issues with the product’s built-in batteries and faulty charging. Read More >>

Amazon Exec’s AirPod Gaffe is More Disgusting Than You Think

One of the more popular takeaways from Amazon’s big hardware event yesterday was Dave Limp, the company’s Senior Vice President of Devices and Services, caught wearing an Apple AirPod during an interview. Read More >>

Leaker Claims Alexa-Powered Earbuds Are Amazon’s Next Big Device

Amazon has a product launch scheduled for later this week on Wednesday, and alongside a bunch of updated Echo speakers, recent leaks claim Amazon’s next big tech push could come in the form of Alexa-powered wireless earbuds. Read More >>

Researchers Think It’s a Good Idea to Secure Your Phone Using the One Thing You Perpetually Lose

Apple’s FaceID authentication system started moving smartphone users away from relying on fingerprints to secure their mobile devices, which are arguably less secure. But researchers think they’ve come up with an even better biometric tool for protecting a device that uses a part of the body that’s nearly impossible to spoof: a user’s ear canals. Read More >>

Sennheiser’s New Momentum Wireless Are Still King of the Headphones

The celebrated sound junkies at Sennheiser have done it again. The company just released the third generation of the widely lauded Momentum Wireless headphones, and thanks to some meaningful upgrades, they’re still the king of the category. Bow down. Read More >>

Finally, A Proper AirPods Competitor

The first time I picked up the Jaybird Vista truly wireless earbuds, a thought started looping through my head: These things are impossibly tiny and light. Even the case is pocket-sized. The sheer portability reminded me of AirPods, but there’s an essential distinction. The new Jaybird earbuds are practically bombproof. You can get them wet or bury them in dirt, and they’ll keep working. Functionally, the Vistas are probably the best fitness-focused earbuds I’ve tested. And did I mention—they’re so light! Read More >>

Bose Is Back

Bose just released an important update to its popular line of wireless noise-cancelling headphones. They are different. They’re weirdly stylish. Most importantly, they’re good. Also expensive. Read More >>

The Zippo-Case Klipsch Earbuds Actually Sound Pretty Dang Good

To help its first truly wireless earbuds standout in an already crowded market, Klipsch drew inspiration from another iconic item also found in pockets: the Zippo. A charging case that looks like a lighter is undoubtedly a clever marketing gimmick, but Klipsch has also delivered a solid set of wireless earbuds with its T5 True Wireless that have finally convinced me to give up the wired earbuds I’ve stubbornly held on to for years. Read More >>

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I Had Lasers Shot Into My Ears to Make the Perfect Custom Headphones

Silicone goop, home fitkits, and dual-camera guns that fire lasers into your noggin. These are just a few of the tools used to make the most hardcore custom in-ear monitors imaginable. We went to Ultimate Ears in the US state of California to see how technicians make bespoke headphones for some of the world’s top recording artists—and how they’re working to bring that tech to a broader audience of music geeks. Read More >>