TPCast’s Wireless HTC Vive Kit Goes on Sale Today

Another tech company promising to make VR wireless and therefore a bit more like something normal, everyday folk might consider doing, has emerged, with TPCast claiming its tetherless HTC Vive kit is ready for sale on a limited edition developer preview in China kind of deal. Read More >>

Sick of Waiting for Nintendo VR? Blame the Kids

Nintendo IS doing stuff with VR in its development labs, in case you were wondering, although it doesn't appear to be entirely sure that it'll catch on or not, so don't go getting excited about Virtual Boy II just yet. Read More >>

The Unannounced New Google Glass is on Sale on eBay and Nobody Knows Why

The Google Glass timeline is a bloody confusing one, and it’s just become even stranger. After suddenly pulling its original high-tech piece of eyeware from the market last year, it quickly emerged that the company was working on a follow-up headset, which sounded very similar to the first. Read More >>

Londoners Can Try the HTC Vive Ahead of Launch in a VR Zombie Survival Show

People in London, in March, and with an interest in HTC's Vive VR headset, are in luck. To promote the launch of the Valve-backed VR unit HTC's putting on a strange immersive theatre production based around the old zombie invasion theme. Read More >>

Jabra Eclipse Puts Less Stress on the Ear of Executives, Weighing Just 5.5g

Things-dangling-off-things maker Jabra has revealed a (tangled) rucksack full of new mobile accessories at IFA 2015 this week, with one of the most technically appealing being its next-gen Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth headset -- one that weighs just 5.5g and is so small looks like someone's cut your earphone cable off in a commuter rage incident about leaking sound. Read More >>

Jabra Sport Pace Does the App/Fitness/Music Thing People Seem to Like Nowadays

Another thing with a battery (15-minute charge for one hour of use), official ruggedness (IP 54 rated) and app integration (Sport Life app) has appeared at IFA, with the Jabra Sport Pace hoping to become the go-to-get-and-wear thing people who go running use to listen to Chvrches or whatever else is fashionable right now. Read More >>

Samsung’s Updated Gear VR Arriving “Soon”

Samsung would rather we talk about, pretend to be excited about, and feign interest in its Gear S2 smartwatch and the next generation of jumbo-phones it has coming, but we'd obviously rather know about things further away. Things like the updated Gear VR. Read More >>

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I Used the Final Oculus Rift. Here are the Games Worth Playing

I don’t know how much the final Oculus Rift virtual reality headset will cost. The fact that it won’t come with its amazing motion controller makes me want to wait. But even with just an Xbox One gamepad, there are already mind-blowing experiences to be had. Here are all of them. Read More >>

I Played Minecraft With Microsoft’s HoloLens, and it Was Bloody Impressive

When Microsoft said you’d be able to make Minecraft worlds appear in your living room with its new HoloLens headset, perhaps you squealed in glee. Or perhaps you wrote it off as smoke and mirrors. Not reality. Guess what? I just played it. Everything you saw on stage is real. Read More >>

A Holographic Halo 5 Soldier Just Briefed Me Inside Microsoft’s HoloLens

No, I didn’t get to play Halo 5 in virtual reality. I wish. But I sure as heck just stepped into a sci-fi video game dreamland at E3 2015, thanks to Microsoft’s amazing HoloLens. Getting briefed for a mission by a holographic soldier? Cross that off the bucket list. Read More >>

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The Oculus App Store Will Be a Walled Garden, Just Like Apple and Google

“The Rift is an open platform,” said Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, one month ago. “We don’t control what software can run on it, and that’s a big deal.” A day later, dozens of headlines proudly proclaimed that Oculus wouldn’t block virtual reality porn. Sadly, it’s not true. Not the porn part... and maybe not the open part, either. Read More >>

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Giant Leak Shows Us How the Final Oculus Rift Looked in 2014

Sometimes, all it takes is a little digging in a website’s style sheets to find a vein of gold. In this case, an enterprising Reddit user discovered a set of gorgeous high-res images of the final Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and a never-before-mentioned game controller—two days before Oculus’s big reveal this Thursday. Whoops! Read More >>

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Google Has a Surprising Plan to Make Cheap VR Better

Good virtual reality is coming, but it isn’t here yet. That’s worrying. What if someone buys a cheap smartphone adapter, has a bad experience, and writes off VR as a fad? But Google, the company providing the cheapest solution of all—Cardboard—may have an answer. An answer that involves not strapping them to your head. Read More >>