Medics Test Electric Shock Bandages to Speed Healing

Researchers who deliberately cut holes into the bodies of willing medical research students claim that stimulating wounds with small electric currents helps them heal quicker, with the end result being a possible world in which even plasters and bandages need bloody charging up every night. Read More >>

Staring Man’s Miracle-Making Eyes Linked to Things That Happen Anyway

This is Braco, a man whose devastating gaze is said to have miraculous properties -- although the man himself says his gaze is there mainly to offer hope and peace. We're not sure if photos get across his powers, but try looking at him for a few minutes while wishing for something then check your bank balance to see if it worked. Read More >>

Scientists Found the Wolverine-Healing Gene

Deep within our bodies are all kinds of genes that turn on and off over the years, including the very genes that make you grow a body in the first place. This is where scientists are looking for the magical code that could enable us to regrow organs and regenerate limbs. One Harvard researcher thinks he might have found it. Read More >>

Bleeding, Self-Healing Robot Sci-Fi Prophecy Comes to Pass

A new form of plastic that turns red and bleeds to help itself "heal" could be on the way, thanks to scientists creating a self-fixing material that mimics our skin. Read More >>