Patent Hints the Apple Watch May One Day Track Parkinson’s Disease

It’s no secret Apple’s got designs on the Apple Watch being some sort of medical device. It introduced ECG capability on the Series 4, which was also cleared by regulators in multiple countries, and then with the Series 5, Apple announced it was launching a series of medical studies for hearing, reproductive health, and mobility and heart health. Now, a newly released patent also hints that Apple might be looking to expand the Watch’s tracking capabilities to include tremors associated with Parkinson’s Disease. Read More >>

Government Launches NHSX to Bring NHS Tech Up to Date

After the groundbreaking recent revelation that doctors should consider using this new-fangled thing called email, it's a pleasant surprise to hear that a new unit has sprung up to modernise NHS tech. Read More >>

It Sure Looks Like Nokia Is Blowing It Again

There was a time when Nokia was the undisputed king of mobile phones, with quarterly sales of over 120 million units as recently as 2010. But after a failed partnership ended with Nokia selling its handset division to Microsoft, the company tried reinventing itself by pivoting to wearables, a move capped off when Nokia bought Withings, a French health tracker company, for $190 million (£136 million) in June of 2016. Read More >>