Science Shows Eating Carbs During A Workout Is Best For Recovery

Queensland University researchers have found that eating carbohydrates during intense exercise can help your body recover, and keeps your immune system in peak condition. Read More >>

UK Given Final Warning Over Urban Air Pollution

The European Commission has written to the UK and the four other stinkiest-aired countries within the EU, demanding something is done about consistently failing to meet air quality standards in some urban zones -- or else. Read More >>

Australian Scientists Just Discovered The Real Reason Your Muscles Are Sore After A Workout

Most of us are familiar with sore muscles after a workout. But for the first time, what is actually going on when you're aching - at the cellular l level - has been discovered. Read More >>

Public Transport Users Suck up the Diesel Fumes of the Rich

A sad truth of the air quality wars has emerged from researchers at the University of Surrey, who are warning that travelling by public transport through urban areas is extremely bad for everyone's health thanks to the way buses and trains basically vacuum up all the dirty air from the cars surrounding them and... there you go. Breathe that in while you fruitlessly attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi. Read More >>

Gizmodo Investigates: Fuller’s Pubs Secretly Stop Selling Full-Sugar Pepsi On Tap

Today on Gizmodo UK we bring you the results of several weeks of exhaustive investigative journalism. We're going to blow the lid off one of the biggest changes in pubs since plates were switched out in favour of serving food on planks of wood and in mugs. Forget Watergate... this is Fizzywatergate. Read More >>

Quinoa Shouldn’t Be a Rich People Food

Superfoods are bullshit. It feels like every time someone realises an under-eaten or foreign food is high in nutrients and gluten-free, be it kale, quinoa or açai berries, marketers slap the “superfood” label on it and suddenly, it’s on grocery store shelves with jacked-up prices, catering to wealthy folks who fall for these kinds of tactics. Read More >>

More Evidence That Fish Oil Supplements Might Be Useless

You most certainly know someone taking fish oil pills—those fishy, translucent gold capsules—for their purported heart benefits. But evidence continues to mount that fish oil might be snake oil. At the very least, it doesn’t pack nearly the punch we once thought. Instead, it’s probably just worth eating actual fish, which is loaded with plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals. Read More >>

Using Edible Electronics To Monitor Our Bodies From Within

No, it's not the latest fitness craze - although I wouldn't be surprised if this discovery leads us down that path. Read More >>

This Tiny Disease-Diagnosing Microchip Costs Less Than a Penny to Make

Diagnosing disease often requires analysing and detecting single cells with lab tests that cost hundreds of pounds each. Hospitals in a poor country stricken with a disease epidemic like HIV or malaria simply might not have the funds to run all of those tests. Scientists are looking for a cheaper option. Read More >>

Overeating at the Super Bowl is Bad, World’s Least Surprising Study Finds

This year, over a hundred million people will shout and flail at flashing screens, completely engrossed by the “Super Bowl”, a live Lady Gaga concert bookended by scenes of strong, spandex-clad men amassing in huge, sweaty piles, hoping to “score points” to “win”. Those hundred million people will inevitably consume far more food than they usually do. Some will go to the hospital, as common sense and an underwhelming new study have found. Read More >>

Poor? Never Mind, You’ll Die Quicker

Worried about bills? People mocking your 18-month-old telephone? Holes in your trousers that weren't put there on purpose by an Indonesian fabric worker? No idea where the money to pay for the next bicycle delivery of bespoke bakery products is going to come from? You're not alone, but the good news is that you'll die sooner so the misery of being poor will all be over quicker. Read More >>

The Science of Snot is Even Grosser Than You Think

Snot, you perplexing green goop, you smell-stopping slime that oozes forth from my face, what secrets do you hide? What message, O poor sick body, who do you telegraph me through this globby gak? Read More >>

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How To Get All Your Fitness Tracking Data in One Place

You’ve got data pouring in from your connected fitness tracker, your smartphone, your smartwatch, the smart scales in your bathroom and the dieting app you use to log your meals—so how do you get all of this information in one place? It isn’t easy, but here are a few pointers to help. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Experiment Tries to Wean us Off Meat

A team of researchers from Oxford University is heading off to Sainsbury's to do more than hunt for discounted doughnuts late at night -- they want to change the eating habits of the nation by putting vegetables next to the sausages in the hope that people might choose the healthier option every once in a while. Read More >>

London Plans School Doorway Shuffle to Protect Kids from Pollution

Revealing the quite horrifying fact that 360 primary schools in London are in places with air pollution the exceeds legal limits, the city's mayor has come up with a plan to do something about it -- auditing the most pollution-hit schools and reworking their layouts to minimise exposure to the nitrogen dioxide fumes coming off mummy's SUV. Read More >>