Internet Addiction Needs to Be Recognised as a Disorder Before it Can Be Treated

Pathological internet addiction that triggers deviant behaviour on social networking sites should be recognised as a disorder needing treatment, a Flinders University expert says. Read More >>

Experts Are Divided Over Google’s Depression Screening

The idea of Google offering a quick online screening test for users who search for "am I depressed" has split opinion among medical experts. Read More >>

Horrible Flesh Eating Parasite Could Get a Vaccine One Day

Being healthy is good. That is what we should all aspire to be: Not dead, but with all of our flesh on our bodies intact. Unfortunately for us humans, having our flesh eaten is one of the possible side effects of being alive. Read More >>

Particles in Tattoos Can Travel to Lymph Nodes, Study Finds

Tattoos are very cool and I do not want to say bad things about them. Evidence of tattooing dates back thousands of years, and the art form has a long history across the world in various cultures. Tattooing has associations with wealth, crime, or seafaring depending on where in history you look. Today, there’s no denying tattoos are everywhere. Read More >>

Newly Discovered London Fatberg Takes Record

Turns out we're still best at doing something as a nation. That thing is putting fat and wet wipes into the drains, as Thames Water has discovered what's presumed to be the largest known fatberg in the world beneath streets in Whitechapel. They should make putting things down the drain an Olympic sport. Read More >>

Australian Man Gives Himself Cyanide Poisoning From Eating Apricot Kernels to Fight Cancer

Despite what alternative medicine and natural health advocates would have you believe, taking apricot kernel extract as a cancer treatment is a very, very bad idea. Read More >>

Scientists Want to Synthesise Salvia’s Hallucinogenic Molecule for a Surprising Reason

You’re probably familiar with Salvia divinorum, the hallucinogenic plant used for religious purposes in some indigenous cultures, and for watching celebrities giggle in some decaying cultures. But when you were sitting in a frozen suburban cul-de-sac one late night in 2009 bouncing as if you were riding a motorcycle while your friends laughed at your babbling, you probably didn’t think about the scientists interested in the drug’s therapeutic properties. I certainly didn’t. Read More >>

Is This the Beginning of the End for Goop?

Around the turn of the 19th century, American entrepreneur Clark Stanley sold an allegedly healing “rattlesnake oil” out of his stage coach. Stanley marketed his product as a Western interpretation of some ideas he supposedly gathered from Eastern medicine, claiming the product could cure a whole host of illnesses. The problem was, a federal investigation revealed that not only did Stanley’s snake oil lack any medicinal value, it contained no actual oil from snakes. Two hundred years later, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, Goop, is embracing the same dubious principles and selling it back to women as empowerment. And this time, the insufferable, unsubstantiated bullshit is a lot more dangerous. Read More >>

Midwives Beg Nation to Stop Having Sex at Christmas

A midwife's plea to the people of the UK has gone viral, after she vented on the tricky subject of loads of babies being born in September following drunken Christmas intercourse the previous year. Read More >>

Bulletproof Coffee Announces Bottled Bullshit Launch

If you agitate cream enough, you will make whipped cream. Continue agitating it and skim off the liquid, and you will make butter. Put that your coffee, and you have now wasted a lot of energy to put cream into your coffee. Read More >>

A Fascinating Potential Link Between Gut Bacteria and Health

These days, you can’t throw a rock without hitting some start-up trying to boost our microbiomes. For the health-obsessed, microbiome has become the buzzword of the day. That’s because it’s becoming ever-clearer that all the trillions of microorganisms that inhabit our bodies, and particularly our gut, play an important role in our overall health. Read More >>

hurricane harvey
Harvey’s Floodwaters Could Pose Serious Health Hazards

Extreme rainfall and flooding from Hurricane Harvey has left thousands in Houston and surrounding communities stranded. Some parts of the city have experienced over 40 inches of rain, and forecasters say that number is expected to rise over the coming days. Currently, the storm has repositioned itself in the Gulf of Mexico, where it will collect more moisture before striking land again. When it does, some areas of Texas and Louisiana could see an additional 20 inches of rain. On top of all this, flash flood warnings are still in effect as of this morning. Read More >>

Experts Say Cleaning Underwear in a Hotel Kettle is ‘Super Super Super Super Gross’ So Maybe Don’t Do It

"Real question: does anyone I know clean their underwear in a kettle when travelling?" Read More >>

What Present-Day Hunter-Gatherers Can Tell Us About the Bacteria in Our Gut

The Hazda are a small group of hunter-gatherers living in the central Rift Valley of Tanzania, one of the few remaining groups of people left in the world who still collect the majority of their diet through foraged foods. Modernity has still managed to touch their lives, of course, but far less than it has for those of us in the post-industrialised West. For this reason, scientists have long been interested in studying their biology, in hopes of gleaning something about humanity’s evolutionary path. Read More >>

One London Company is Giving its Staff ‘Hangover Days’

Most people will get time off for sickness, and some of them might not lose wages because of it, but generally being hungover doesn't count as being sick. That's changed for staff working for Dice, a ticketing app based in Shoreditch, because they can use a hangover as a legitimate excuse for not coming in. Read More >>