Certain People – Maybe Even You – Have Special Poo That Can Save Lives

There are plenty of people who are exceptional in one way or another. But a new review published this week suggests that even the poo we make can be extraordinary. It argues that some of us are super faecal transplant donors, with poo that is uniquely suited to treating digestive and gut problems. Read More >>

Instagram Helped Me Bond With My Dentist Dad by Recommending I Watch Gross Teeth Videos

I’m not entirely sure when it started or why. But at some point over the last couple of months, Instagram began showing me videos of gnarly dental procedures. Read More >>

Ebola, HIV, Antivaxxers: The World Health Organization Names 2019’s Global Health Threats

The World Health Organization has firmly set its sights on the anti-vaccination movement. In a post this week, WHO listed vaccine hesitancy as one of the world’s top health threats to combat in 2019, right alongside other major problems like HIV, Ebola, and climate change. Read More >>

Lab-Grown ‘Perfect’ Human Blood Vessels Are a Thing Now

An international team of scientists claim to have pulled off a first: Three-dimensional replicas of human blood vessels that are grown in a petri dish. The trippy accomplishment, detailed in a new paper out Wednesday in Nature, will hopefully let us better understand and study crippling diseases like diabetes. Read More >>

Man Injects 18 ‘Doses’ of Semen Into Arm to Cure Back Pain, Ends Up in Hospital

In a new case study, Irish doctors report the baffling case of a 33-year-old man who injected his own semen intravenously for a year and a half, a self-developed “cure” intended to treat his chronic back pain. It does not appear to have worked. Read More >>

Politicians Act on Serious Issue of Low Letterboxes

Amid the boring, neverending politics that's been going on of late, one Conservative MP has provided everyone a bit of light relief by asking for the government to drop everything and pass new rules on the maximum and minimum acceptable heights of household and business letterboxes. That's what people go into politics for. Read More >>

Hotel Targets the Vegan Pound With Non-Leather Finishes and a Buckwheat Pillow

One particular branch of the Hilton hotel is now offering a full vegan experience, and they're not talking about the types of sausage at breakfast time. Read More >>

Morrisons Launches “Posh” Salads for Those Still Bravely Swearing Off Sausage Rolls

Supermarket Morrisons, no doubt furious with itself for not having the idea of launching a vegan sausage roll for the 2019 health kickers, has done something vaguely interesting in the austere world of the salad instead. It's dreamed up some new combinations of meats and vegetables, which it's putting in boxes so they may be described as posher that their plastic potted peers. Read More >>

Report: Coca-Cola Is Quietly Influencing China’s Obesity Policy – and Shifting Blame From Itself

Soft drink companies have fought tooth and nail to hold onto their customers, even as public health experts and governments have tried to get people to cut down on the sugary products they make. But a new investigative report in the BMJ highlights just how far Coca-Cola in particular has gone to protect its profits across the globe. For years, the report alleges, Coke has quietly influenced how China tried to tackle growing rates of obesity among its residents. Read More >>

Scammers Resell Greggs’ Vegan Sausage Roll on eBay

Yes, it has happened. The Greggs vegan sausage roll has been such a smash that canny customers are buying up stocks to resell online for profit, with several of the thrilling new hot snacks appearing for sale online – and quickly disappearing. The new sausage roll is already nailed on for inclusion in 2019's year-end success story montage. Read More >>

Insect Dog Food Launches in the UK This Week

Around 40 per cent of the protein contained in Yora dog food comes from insect sources, making it the ideal choice for any highly evolved dogs able to make their own environmentally sound eating choices by woofing at Alexa. Read More >>

genetic testing
Sequencing the DNA of Newborns Uncovered Hidden Disease Risks and a Whole Lot of Tricky Issues

In the not-too-distant future, it will be possible to get a complete readout of a person’s genetics cheaply and easily, even right after they’re born. A new study published Thursday offers a glimpse of what that future could look, suggesting many children are born with genetic conditions that can’t be found with current screening. But the study also raises important ethical questions about how best to handle the predictions these tests will provide families and their doctors. Read More >>

What’s the Worst Pain?

Some people say that life is pain. Those people are optimistic: life isn’t pain, it’s pains, plural – tooth pain, back pain, breakup-pain, the pain of watching your parents grow old and die, the pain of downwardly adjusting your expectations for life, stomach pain and sinus pain, pain you can’t quite trace to any one single source – a thousand different strains of this stuff, some not-insignificant percentage of which you’ll almost certainly experience before your (likely painful) death. Read More >>

Fatberg Sludges Down to Devon for Relaxing Getaway

It isn't just people in London who poke congealed sausage fat down sink plugs with pencils because the bin's too far away, as the modern fatberg menace has been spotted in the south west's tourist hotspot of Sidmouth. B&Bs frying up bacon for the Brexit dads are presumably to blame. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: Withings Takes a Page From Apple and Adds ECG to Its New Smartwatch

The Apple Watch Series 4 nabbed lots of headlines in 2018 thanks to its electrocardiogram (ECG) feature. Now, Withings is looking to follow suit by adding ECG capabilities to two new products at CES 2019. Read More >>