Psychedelic Drugs May Help the Brain Repair Itself, Study Finds

In recent years, psychedelic party drugs such as LSD and MDMA have been studied by scientists for their potential ability to treat mental health problems like depression and anxiety—often in microdoses much smaller than the what a person would take to trip. But while the research into these drugs is promising, there’s still a lot we don’t understand about how they affect the brain. A new study, published this week in Cell Reports, seems to offer the strongest evidence yet that they can actually help repair the brain’s circuitry and function. Read More >>

South Coast Ferry Company Says Stop Having Fun and Wear Deodorant

Ferry operator Condor, which takes anyone who doesn't hate France now off to France and also runs routes in and around the Channel Islands, has had it with you stinky, noisy people. It suggests sitting still and shutting up while onboard, and would also like to remind passengers to wear deodorant for the benefit of other travellers and crew. Read More >>

An Experimental Spit Test Could Identify Men Most at Risk of Prostate Cancer

A new study published Monday in Nature Genetics suggests the test can detect the one per cent of men who are genetically most vulnerable to developing prostate cancer, a leading cause of cancer deaths among American men. Read More >>

Media MP Rules Out Screen-Time Laws for Kids

Law-facilitating culture node Matt Hancock MP has ruled out interfering with our current tablet and smartphone babysitting system, with the culture secretary saying there's no need for formal legislation to limit, or attempt to limit, the percentage of their lives that children fritter away watching braying cocks pretending to be excited about unwrapping a Twix on YouTube. Read More >>

The Dark Origin Story of Internet Spiritual Guru Teal Swan

Last week, Gizmodo launched The Gateway, an investigative podcast about Teal Swan an internet spiritual guru who creates hypnotic YouTube videos aimed at people who are struggling with depression. These videos share controversial messages about mental health with her devoted fans who follow her online and in person. Many people get so wrapped up in her messages, they join Swan’s intentional community and move out to her retreat centre in Costa Rica. Read More >>

Woman Says Poo Fell From Plane and Into Her Sunroof, Splattering Her Face and Giving Her Pink Eye

A woman in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada says she has pink eye after human faeces fell from the sky and through her sunroof, hitting her in the face. Read More >>

How AI is Evolving the Fight Against Cancer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been hailed to be the next saviour of the NHS , with new robotic overlords saving thousands of lives from cancer-related deaths over the next 15 years. AI has suddenly become panacea, solving everything from self-driving cars to detecting fake news - but what changed so fast? Read More >>

Gastric Balloons May Have Killed 12 People Since 2016 

Since 2016, at least 12 people have died worldwide soon after receiving a intragastric balloon, a new noninvasive procedure meant to help people lose weight, according to an alert released Monday by the US Food and Drug Administration (the FDA). Seven of the patients were in the US. In response, the FDA has approved new warning labels for two balloon products implicated in the deaths. Read More >>

What Is Nipah, the Virus Spread by Bats That’s Killing People in India?

A deadly viral disease spread by bats is once again infecting humans, but in this case, it isn’t Ebola. As of 1 June, an outbreak of the Nipah virus has infected at least 18 people and killed 17 in Kerala, India, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported. The outbreak, which is the first to hit South India, raises fears of the disease becoming more far-reaching. Read More >>

No, Harvard Isn’t Studying How to Cure Cancer Through Diet 

Over the past few weeks, multiple media outlets have written about Kathy Bero, a 54-year-old woman who claims her breast cancer 12 years ago was ultimately defeated through a special diet and diligent use of reiki, an alternative medicine that purports to treat disease via healing energy channelled through a person’s hands. Her recovery was so miraculous, these articles have credulously reported, that Harvard scientists are gearing up to study how Bero’s diet saved her from cancer. But that’s not what’s actually going on. Read More >>

Grindr May Add a Way for Users to Notify Past Hookups of STI Risk

Popular hookup app Grindr is reportedly considering a new feature that would alert users if may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection. Read More >>

Activists Are Using Robots to Send Abortion Pills to Northern Ireland

Activists say they will use robots to deliver abortion pills to Northern Ireland, where abortion is only legal if the life of the woman is endangered. While it’s illegal in the region for a pregnant woman to have a medical abortion in nearly all cases, the organisations operating the robots said on Wednesday that they are not breaking any laws because the robots will be operated abroad, from the Netherlands. Read More >>

Samsung and Babylon Team Up To Let You See a Private Doctor on Your Phone

You've probably heard of private health start up Babylon, which lets people talk to Doctors 24 hours a day via video chat rather than forcing them to go to a GP in person. They recently signed a deal with the NHS to offer its services without users having to pay the usual fees. Now it's signed a deal with Samsung to integrate the service with the Samsung Health app. Read More >>

Tony the Tiger is About to Face His Biggest Battle Yet

A group of suit-clad political combatives operating under the banner of the health and social care select committee are asking for war to be declared on Tony the Tiger (even though he's trying to be healthier), with cartoons that encourage children to consume cereals and convenience foods facing obliteration. Hence Tony might need another job at best, or at worst be sent off to a zoo or turned into gourmet burgers. Read More >>

Nutritional Supplements Don’t Improve Heart Health, Study Finds

People who use vitamin and mineral supplements to keep their heart in tiptop shape probably aren’t getting much out of it, suggests a new review published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The study found that most popular supplements, such as vitamin C and calcium, seemed to provide no benefits in preventing cardiovascular disease or early death. Some even appeared to slightly raise the risk of death. Read More >>