US Experts Are Being Kept Away From the Front Lines of the Latest Ebola Outbreak

The latest outbreak of Ebola virus disease to hit the Democratic Republic of Congo is only getting worse. But the US government has pulled its experts from the affected areas of the African country in recent weeks, citing safety concerns. Read More >>

This is a Brain Taken Over by Alzheimer’s

The effects of Alzheimer’s disease on the brain often go unnoticed for years, even decades. But researchers at Stanford University and the University of Oxford believe they’ve found a way to visualize how the disease slowly spreads and erodes the brain—a tool they hope can help other scientists better study the incurable, fatal ailment and others like it. Read More >>

Four-Inch Pizzas Might be the Future’s Grim Healthy-Eating Norm

Public Health England may be about to trigger food rioting in the streets, as it's revealed that it's had discussion with the food industry about limiting calorie counts in some servings. The ambition is a 20 per cent reduction in calorie load in some of the most fat-carrying danger foods by the year 2024, and they're doing it for the kids apparently. Read More >>

NHS Doctors Can Prescribe Cannabis Products From November

A really tiny good thing has happened. In 2018. Seriously. After the heartbreaking cases of Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley – boys whose epilepsy would only calm down when treated with cannabis oil – hit the headlines, special measures were introduced to make their cannabis products available on a case by case basis. That's now about to change again, with the NHS able to widely prescribe cannabis-derived medicines from November 1. Read More >>

Facebook Is Still Thirsty for Your Health Data

Facebook already has a veritable treasure trove of data on anyone who uses the site, including stuff users do on the web outside of it. It still has an appetite for even more. Read More >>

A Major Scientific Project Aims to Find Out Exactly How the Internet Is Screwing With Your Brain

As anyone who has spent any amount of time on Twitter can tell you, the internet can bring out the worst in us. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that scientists in Europe are now hoping to catalogue exactly how the online hellscape affects mental health and well-being. Read More >>

Los Angeles Is Dealing With an Outbreak of Flea-Borne Typhus

The city of angels is dealing with a nasty outbreak of a disease spread by fleas. Last Friday, health officials in the US state of California reported that there has been an epidemic of flea-borne typhus within the Los Angeles area this year. Read More >>

Scientists May Have Found a Genetic Risk Factor for Erectile Dysfunction

A group of scientists believe they’ve uncovered at least some of the genetic risk factors that can contribute to a common health concern among men: erectile dysfunction. Their findings, published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, have possibly identified a specific place in our genome linked to the distressing condition. Read More >>

Maggots Spotted in McDonald’s Ketchup Dispenser

Maybe little single use plastic sachets are not such a bad idea after all, because the environmentally friendly alternative offered to a little plastic wrap of ketchup in one UK branch of McDonald's is... squirting your sauce out through a maggot-infested pipe. Read More >>

Why Small Towns Have More Intense Surges of Flu

Whether you live in a huge city centre or a quiet small town, you’re not safe from the flu and you need to get your damn flu shot. But different cities do experience the flu differently. In the wake of the most devastating flu season seen in decades this past winter, a new study seems to show how and why the influenza virus hits some areas harder than others. It suggests that smaller cities and towns are more likely to experience shorter but more intense peaks of flu activity, while larger cities have to deal with flu cases spread more widely throughout the winter. Read More >>

Scottish GPs Start Prescribing Lovely Walks

GPs up in Shetland are the first in the country to try an entirely new method of tackling obesity and all the other forms of modern malaise that have us staring sad-faced at our doctors all the time, with 10 surgeries around the islands starting a scheme that encourages the prescribing of walking and birdwatching to help with various physical and mental ailments. Read More >>

Researchers Identify Hundreds of ‘Selfie Deaths’ From Media Reports

Next time you’re tempted to take a risk to get that perfect selfie, maybe think twice about it. A new study by medical researchers from New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences has identified hundreds of people who suffocated in bodies of water, were struck by vehicles, plummeted off high surfaces, suffered lethal burn injuries, or otherwise met tragic demises while snapping a selfie, according to the Washington Post. Read More >>

Man Chugs Erectile Dysfunction Drug, Ends Up With Permanently Red-Tinted Vision

One man’s experience with a common erectile dysfunction drug turned out to be a lot more eye-opening than he expected. According to his doctors, he developed a seemingly permanent red tint to his color vision after taking a massive dose of sildenafil citrate. Read More >>

GP Contact App Told to Stop Pretending it Works Like it Says

GP at Hand, one of the services offered by wannabe future digital health provider Babylon Health, has been told off by authorities for offering a chat with a GP in "minutes" through the modern solve-it-all of a smartphone – as customers first have to switch GPs in order to use the online consultancy service. By which time the redness will probably have gone away by itself. Read More >>

Nobel Prize for Medicine Awarded to Researchers Who Harnessed the Immune System to Fight Cancer

The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been jointly awarded to a pair of immunologists for devising an effective new class of cancer therapy that unshackles the body’s immune system. Read More >>