Keep Calm and Float on if You Fall in the Sea

Flailing about and shouting for help while trying to hold your phone above the surface of the water is exactly what you should not do if you fall in the sea according to the RNLI, which says that if you accidentally plop off the end of a pier you should try to stay calm and concentrate on serenely floating for a while. Read More >>

A ‘Superbug’ Fungus Is Spreading Across the US

Over the past nine months, the number of US cases of an emerging, multi-drug resistant fungus has ballooned from 7 to more than 122. What’s more, the fungus, Candida auris, seems to be spreading, according to a field report the Centers for Disease Control released Thursday. Read More >>

Superfestivals Might Check Your Drugs This Year

The likes of the Reading, Leeds and V festivals scheduled to take place this year might join the drug-testing scheme that some smaller events have piloted, with the organiser of some of the country's largest outdoor events saying he's nearly ready to introduce free drug testing across the board. Read More >>

Kids Go Mad for Old Lady Herb Rosemary

Weird myths about plants are still alive and well according to retailer Holland & Barrett, which says the kids are bulk-buying products containing rosemary because of a supposed link between the plant and better mental performance around exam time. Read More >>

Germaphobe Living in London? Ditch the Tube and Get the Bus

There are lots of hazards to your health in a big city, particularly one as busy (and polluted) as London. If you live there, or are planning on visiting, you might wonder which way round the city if the cleanest. Well I have some advice that should be fairly obvious, ditch the tube. Read More >>

Google’s DeepMind Was Given ‘Inappropriate’ Access to NHS Medical Data

DeepMind, Google's British-based artificial intelligence wing, has come under fire after Sky News revealed the company had been given access to medical records of 1.6 million NHS patients. Records that came bundled with personally identifiable information. Read More >>

Cokeheads Beware: 100 Per Cent Pure Blow Has Hit the UK’s Streets

Drugs are bad, mkay.  You shouldn't do drugs, mkay, and that about wraps up my introduction. Mkay. Read More >>

NHS Nurses Line up Ballot to Push for Future Strikes

The Royal College of Nursing is taking its members into new territory with the threat of strike action in the future, with a vote on the possibility of strikes winning a large majority. Read More >>

Don’t Use the New Fivers to Snort Drugs, Unless You Want to Get ‘Winstoned’

Snorting drugs with a rolled up bank note is a tradition that's been with us for as long as bank notes and casual drug use have been around. But these new plastic fivers are putting a damper on things, with cocaine users finding themselves getting 'Winstoned'. Read More >>

Cotton Buds Send Thousands of Kids to Hospital Every Year

New research from Nationwide Children’s Hospital shows that around 12,500 kids are treated in US hospital emergency departments each year for injuries caused by cotton buds. That’s about 34 each day. In most cases, the swabs were used for cleaning, but as this study shows, it’s simply not worth the risks. Thankfully, there are safer ways to get rid of that gunk in your ear holes. Read More >>

The Ibuprofen and Coffee Breakfast is Not That Good for You

Having loads of ibuprofen for breakfast or even lunch or dinner or a bedtime relaxant is not the best of ideas, as a new aggregator study of studies has found that taking large amounts of the painkiller appears to increase the risk of having a heart attack. Read More >>

Doctors Have Built a Magnetic Robot to Gently Explore Your Insides

As you get older, colonoscopies become an important part of maintaining your health, allowing doctors to spot potentially fatal diseases like bowel cancer before they progress too far. So medical researchers are hoping to make the procedure safer, and slightly less invasive, using a tiny capsule that’s remotely steered around using a magnet outside your body. Read More >>

So About That Hyped New Study on Cheese Being Great

Apparently, eating cheese will not cause a heart attack or stroke, according to a new study that lots of folks are writing about. But readers, fellow science and health writers, can we please all agree to read these studies and think about them a little before we take them as the irreproachable word of some dairy overlord? Read More >>

Why Do Some Still Images Trigger Seizures?

By now, most people are aware of strobe lights’ ability to induce photosensitive epileptic seizures. A troll allegedly gave a journalist a seizure with a tweet. An episode of Pokémon sent almost 700 Japanese children to the hospital. But still images can cause seizures, too, and scientists are just now starting to figure out how that happens. Read More >>

Half of All UK Vapers Have Ditched the Death Sticks

Regardless of how you feel about e-cigarettes, and the people that use them, it seems like they're doing a decent job of helping people quit smoking. A new study claims that half of all UK vapers are former smokers who have managed to completely ditch the cancer sticks. Read More >>