If You Use Cannabis, It Could Take Twice As Much Anesthesia to Sedate You

Like with all drugs we take, there are good and bad effects that come with cannabis. But a new study out Monday suggests that one of these bad side effects could be a strange tolerance to anaesthesia. It found that residents of the US state of Colorado who regularly use cannabis needed up to twice as many powerful sedatives before a procedure. Read More >>

How Much Longer Will Exercise Make Me Live?

There might be some contrarian physiologist I’m neglecting here, but it does not feel controversial to say that, among people who study exercise, there is 100% consensus re: working out being good for you. Yet for those of us who have adjusted to feeling physically awful all the time, “good for you” might not cut it, incentive-wise. More appealing, perhaps, is the prospect of a longer life. Read More >>

Petting Zoos May Be Chock Full of Superbugs

Those adorably tame goats and other animals you love to touch at your local petting zoo might not be so harmless after all, according to some early research out this weekend. It suggests that many petting zoo animals could harbour and potentially spread dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including two strains of Escherichia coli that cause foodborne illness and urinary tract infections, respectively. Read More >>

As Death Toll Rises In Ebola Outbreak, WHO Declines to Declare Global Health Emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) has decided not to declare a global health emergency in response to the Ebola outbreak that’s currently taking place in Africa, despite large numbers of people dying every day. Read More >>

We’re Still Cycling But Inside Where it’s Safer Now

A survey conducted by Sport England has some good and bad news for the health of the nation, revealing that overall some of us are doing at least the bare minimum of exercise in the neverending war on physical atrophy – but interest in taking up cycling appears to have peaked. Read More >>

Teeth-Whitening Products Might Be Riskier Than We Thought

Those strips and gels you use to get your teeth as pearly white as possible may come with some previously unknown risks, according to new, preliminary research out this week. It found that the key ingredient in these products – hydrogen peroxide – could be capable of damaging dentin, the second, deeper layer of our teeth that lies beneath the enamel surface. Read More >>

US Department of Justice Charges UK Firm With Conspiracy, Fraud Over Opioid Withdrawal Drug Suboxone Film

On Tuesday, US federal prosecutors indicted British firm Indivior Plc, the manufacturer of the opioid craving and withdrawal drug Suboxone Film, with misleading doctors and government health programmes into thinking the drug was safer and less addictive than it really is, Bloomberg reported. According to the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the company even ran a “Here to Help” program that purported to assist patients facing opioid addiction, when in reality, DOJ says, it directed them to doctors it knew played loose with scripts. Read More >>

US Hospital Accused of Secretly Recording 1,800 Women During Intimate Procedures Is Sued by 131 Patients

At the end of March, 81 women filed a lawsuit against a hospital in the US city of San Diego, California for allegedly recording them during intimate medical procedures without their knowledge or consent. Women were filmed during Caesarean births, birth complications, treatment after a miscarriage, and other operations, according to the lawsuit. On Thursday, 50 additional women joined the complaint against Sharp Grossmont Hospital. Read More >>

There’s Quite a Lot of Poop in Weed, Study Says

If you need another reason to advocate for the legalisation of marijuana—a new study shows why weed sold illegally on the street is more likely to have unacceptable levels of faeces in it. Read More >>

Researchers Demonstrate Malware That Can Trick Doctors Into Misdiagnosing Cancer

Hospitals, like the rest of us, are extremely online. The equipment we use, the data it discovers and the critical medical information it deciphers can all be connected to the internet — and if it’s connected, it needs to be carefully secured. Read More >>

There’s Human Poo in Street Cannabis

Today's news about poo being in and/or on stuff you wouldn't expect concerns illegally sourced street drugs, and you can probably imagine how poo gets into and onto cannabis. Read More >>

The First Smartwatch to Read Your Blood Pressure Is an Ugly Marvel

There’s a reason they call high blood pressure the silent killer. The British Heart Foundation says as many as 5 million adults in the UK have high blood pressure, which increases the chances of heart attack and stroke—and it's often undiagnosed, meaning you could have it and not even know it. Yeesh. Read More >>

What’s the Oldest Disease?

Some things never change. Dying terribly from bone cancer, for instance: that’s something humans have been doing from about the beginning of our time. Has it always been like this, or was there some blissful period, in our species’ salad days, in which no one perished from bone cancer? Which sickness has burdened us—or our ancestors, or any lifeform—the longest? To find out, for this Giz Asks we reached out to a number of anthropologists, who provided their takes on the oldest disease. Read More >>

A Major Change to How Doctors Talk About Mammogram Results is Coming Soon

Doctors across the U.S. may soon be required to provide women with more information about their mammography results. This week, the American Food and Drug Administration announced plans to update a rule that would mandate doctors tell patients if they have dense breast tissue, a complicated risk factor for breast cancer. Read More >>

Dogs Detect Seizures by Smelling Them, New Evidence Suggests

Trained assistance dogs have shown that they can sniff out an assortment of diseases, but the canine ability to smell seizures has never been thoroughly examined—nor has the existence of a distinct seizure scent ever been proven. An encouraging new study suggests dogs are indeed capable of the feat—and they’re actually amazing at it. Read More >>