A New Hearing Aid Promises to Tune Out Distracting Voices By Reading the Wearer’s Brain Waves

You don’t notice it happening, but in a crowded, noisy room, your brain has the remarkable ability to effectively tune out all but the people you’re talking to. Trying to replicate this behaviour in gadgets like hearing aids has proven to be very difficult, but researchers might have finally found a solution by listening to not only sounds but also the wearer’s brain waves. Read More >>

Fly on a Treadmill Uncovers Potential Hearing Aid Problem

You’re a tiny parasitic fly, minding your business stuck with wax to a tether, standing on a spherical treadmill. Why? You don’t quite remember, but it’s fine. This is what you do now. Read More >>

google glass
Rare Actually Useful Google Glass Thing Demonstrated

A tool that adds live captions to real-world conversations through Google Glass has been demonstrated, showing that, if the ideas are good enough, there might be some use for Google's head-mounted folly out there in the real world after all. Read More >>

This Hearing Aid Connects to an iPhone and Adapts to Your Surroundings

For centuries, humans have been using technology to make up for their shortcomings. People missing limbs got prosthetics. People with weak hearts got pacemakers. But, at a certain point, becoming a cyborg is less like fixing something broken than it is like gaining new powers. Read More >>

The AP Deleted Fidel Castro Images That Were Altered to Remove a Hearing Aid

Fidel Castro is 87 years old, so it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that he wears a hearing aid—but that didn't stop AP contributors photoshopping the device out of images of the ex-Cuban President. Read More >>