There’s No Such Thing As ‘Good Cholesterol’ Says Pivotal New Study

A surprising new genetic study shows that some people with naturally high levels of HDL cholesterol — the supposedly good kind of cholesterol — are at increased risk of a heart attack. Doctors are now further questioning the use of drugs to boost HDL levels while looking to new therapies to reduce heart risk. Read More >>

Portable “Sink Plunger” CPR Machine Kept Heart Attack Victim Alive for Two Hours

Sean Doyle spent couple of hours being technically dead back in May, with only a newly commissioned automated heart massage unit affectionately referred to as a sink plunger keeping the blood flowing to his brain and hopes of recovery alive. And yes, he's fine. Read More >>

Stem Cells Could Help Heal Broken Hearts

Even after recovery, heart attacks can leave a lasting mark on your ticker — scar tissue weakens the muscle and prevents it from functioning as well as it did before seizing up. A pioneering stem-cell procedure, however, could cut the damage in half. Read More >>