High Street Chemists Start Offering Heart Checks

Next time you're in your local pharmacy or chemist picking up your thing that's too embarrassing for the supermarket, there might be a little something extra on offer. No, the youth behind the till isn't cracking open the hardcore painkillers and selling them for £5 a pop; there's going to be more in the way of rolling personal health checks on offer, particularly those examining the nation's heart health. Read More >>

Gentler Fake Heart to be Tested in 2018

Existing replacement heart pumps apparently have a bit of a problem, in that they're bulky and their aggressive pumping action can damage the blood by being too rough with it. Hence a smaller one that goes a bit easy on the blood coming up for a trial in 2018. Read More >>

This Heart in a Jar Could Make Heart Transplants Safer

What looks like a prop from a steampunk movie is actually a partially decellularised heart in a bioreactor. And this heart has the potential to save the lives of heart attack patients, and, one day, people who need heart transplants too. Read More >>

Hearts From the Dead Transplanted into Living Patients

Hearts from people that have been "dead" for up to 20 minutes have been used in transplant operations for the first time, with the resuscitated meat pumps replacing the need to keep organs alive throughout the operations. Read More >>

Still-Beating Heart Operation Proves Successful in First UK Trial

For anyone that's endured the dreaded buzz and red glowing nose of Hasbro's Operation board game, you'll have a reasonably good idea of just how bloody hard pulling off open-heart surgery must be. But how about operating on the heart while it's still beating? Read More >>

Scientists Just Grew Human Heart Tissue That Beats With Total Autonomy

Coming fresh on the heels of the news that scientists are successfully 3D printing live, working, mini human kidneys, a new report in Nature is giving another burst of hope to the future of organ transplants. For the very first time, a research team has been able to grow human heart tissue that beats totally autonomously in its petri dish home. Read More >>

Researchers Use Circuit Printer to Make Functional Heart Muscle

Growing replacement organs in a lab and transplanting them is science-fiction dream-turned-very-possible-reality, but so far it's been limited to simple tissues. Yesterday, MIT researchers published findings on their successful attempts to build functional heart tissue, using a modified machine originally meant to build integrated circuits. Read More >>

How to Grow a Human Heart

Nature has a nice dive into the scientific quest to grow complex organs like a human heart. No, it hasn't been done yet—but it's surprisingly within reach. Read More >>

The World’s Newest Artificial Heart Is Half Cow, Half Machine

Using cow parts to save ailing human hearts isn't anything new—you could even be sitting next to one of our more bovine brethren right now and think nothing of it. But the newest cow-to-heart integration takes a bit of a deeper dive into science fiction land. Soon, a French medical company will begin testing a "bioprosthetic" heart on actual human patients that is part cow, part synthetic, and loaded with software. Read More >>