Using a Fan in Hot and Dry Conditions Will Actually Make You Hotter

Electric fan fans are in for some bittersweet news. A new study out Monday suggests that while fans can help people cool down on hot and humid days, in hot and arid environments they may actually make you more uncomfortable – and may even be unsafe. Read More >>

Water Park Closes After Making Everyone Vomit

A water park in Leicestershire has been shut down while Public Health England investigates an outbreak of diarrhoea and vomiting experienced by visitors, with parents reporting their children being "violently sick" after larking about in the resort's half-acre of wet and wild fun last week. Read More >>

Hot Pavement is More Dangerous Than You Realise

Doctors at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas are warning about a less-recognised danger of summer heat: pavement burns. Their recent study suggests that people in hot places can end up in the hospital with serious burn injuries caused by contact with sizzling pavement. Read More >>

Thousands of Supermarket Chickens Killed by UK Heatwave

Thousands of chickens destined for the UK supermarkets died during last week's heatwave, as Tesco and Sainsbury's supplier Moy Park managed to let temperatures inside one of its poultry breeding facilities rise to deadly levels. Read More >>

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How To Keep Cool On The Tube (And Other Public Transport) During the Heatwave

This week is gearing up to be a very hot week. Not as bad as last year's hot summer, where just about all the plants died and air conditioners sold out, but still quite hot. Last year the weather caused outrage from the people of London who got reminded that one of the hottest and most important Underground lines (Central) won't be getting air conditioning until 2030. Read More >>

Government Declares War on Grandma’s Coal Fire

There's something you need to know about coal before reading this in your gas-heated ivory bedsit. There are types of coal, like there are these little egg-shaped lumps of uniform coal that have been processed and, somehow, are allowed to be described as "smokeless" types because they burn cleaner. They're fine. They're safe and you can set them on fire all you like, as long as you do it on something metal and not on the carpet. What's about to be banned is the wrong type of coal. Read More >>

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Can You Get Ill From Air Conditioning?

At the peak of summer, when just walking to and from the corner store necessitates a shower and a change of clothes, air-conditioning can seem almost too good to be true. It is one of the few staples of modernity without severe and readily apparent downsides: all it does, or all it seems to do, is make things cooler, while generating a soft, lulling noise redolent of childhood afternoons spent indoors watching cartoons. What’s the catch? How exactly are these things slowly killing us, like every other good thing in the world? Read More >>

Cheese and Onion Crisps Added to Heatwave Shortage List

Farmers are warning that the hot weather has impacted the nation's onion harvest now as well as threatening the potato crop, so... Jesus Christ they might start running out of cheese and onion crisps. Read More >>

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Leave a Giant Parabolic Mirror in Your Car on a Sunny Day

We all know you shouldn’t leave pets, infants, or the elderly in your car on a sunny summer day. But giant parabolic mirrors also deserve a spot on that list, a lesson a teacher in residence at an American science museum learned the hard way last week when he accidentally melted his Subaru Outback’s interior. Read More >>

Eurotunnel Turns Hoses on Dogs and Kids as Heat Breaks its Trains

Here's a classic bit of UK infrastructure news: the air conditioning on the Channel Tunnel trains isn't working very well because it's too hot. Hence thousands of angry people are hoovering up the mobile internet in the Folkestone area and complaining about massive delays in getting the family off to France. Read More >>

Swedes Generate Power From Unsafe H&M Shirts

A heat and power station in the Swedish city of Vasteras has been using an unusual source of matter for burning -- discarded H&M clothing. 15 tonnes of it so far this year. Read More >>

Union Threatens to Put Hospital Porters in Dresses Over Trouser Length Dispute

Another war over short trousers has broken out in heatwave-ravaged and angry Britain, with this latest bit of smart/casual fury centring around hospital porter Michael Wood and the case of the rolled-up work trousers. Read More >>

Employers Urged to Let Staff Ditch Suits During Hot Weather

It's currently 25 degrees inside my flat which, while not ideal, isn't the worst situation to be in. Working from home means I have plenty of access to fans, ice cream, and am able to remove clothing as I see fit. Not everyone has that luxury, which is why the TUC is urging employers to loosen their dress codes during this kind of weather - particularly for men that are expected to wear a full suit and tie. Read More >>

Heat Ink and Hairdryers Used to Make Secret Porn

Heat activated ink, a talent for drawing and a DIRTY DIRTY MIND have been combined by a Japanese artist, who draws nearly naked women and clothes them in a special ink that disappears when heated -- so their outerwear can be blown off by a hairdryer. Read More >>

Government Opens £320m “Heating for Cities” Fund to Bids

The government has started taking bids for the first £39m chunk of a £320m kitty set aside to enhance the heat reclamation options within England and Wales, with bidders asked to come up with ways we can recycle waste heat and use it to keep old ladies warm on the cheap through the winter. Read More >>