19 Climate Change Activists Arrested for Drone Protest Against Heathrow Airport Expansion

Police have now arrested at least 19 environmental activists who threatened to fly drones and disrupt air travel at Heathrow Airport in protest of the planned construction of a third runway at the UK’s main air hub, the Guardian reported on Saturday. Read More >>

Heathrow Airport’s New Scanners Will Let You Keep All Your Shit in Your Bag at Security

Passengers at Heathrow airport may no longer have to faff about with pulling out laptops and bags of fluids to be scanned thanks to new CT scanners that will start popping up in the airport over the next few years. Read More >>

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Buy Heathrow Terminal 1

Heathrow Terminal 1 closed in June 2015 after 47 years of service. It has sat empty and unloved ever since, full of working equipment and just poised, waiting to accept a passenger once again. But now, the dream is over for poor Terminal 1; its contents will soon be sold to the highest bidder and eventually the shell will be pulled down and replaced with a larger Terminal 2. Read More >>

Now You Can Grab Free Wi-Fi at Heathrow Airport

Off on your summer holidays and flying from Heathrow soon? Good news then, as the airport has announced that it's coughed up to give everyone 45 minutes of free Wi-Fi before boarding. Considering some parts of it are a mobile signal dead zone, Wi-Fi could come in handy for keeping you entertained with Top Gear or something while you wait for that forever-delayed plane. [Twitter] Read More >>