Heathrow Drone Near-Miss Was Nearest Miss Yet

A plane taking off from Heathrow very nearly achieved the milestone of being the first passenger jet drone casualty, with the UK's air safety watchdog saying that someone's drone came within 20 feet of colliding with the plane. Read More >>

Buy the Baggage Carousel of Your Dreams in Heathrow’s Terminal 1 Auction

Heathrow is preparing a once in a lifetime sale of staggering historical travel artefacts, with an auction of the entire contents of the abandoned Terminal 1 building about to start. And yes, you really can have a baggage carousel that still works. Read More >>

Heathrow Teases More Affordable Phased Expansion Plan

Heathrow has announced a plan to announce something, revealing that its version of the consultation about What To Do With The Airport is coming in mid January. Read More >>

Someone Dropped Their Heathrow Security Blueprint USB Stick

A USB stick containing a stash of security information for Heathrow Airport has apparently been found in the street, which would suggest that Mr Bean has been planning some sort of terrorist atrocity. Read More >>

Heathrow’s Extra Runway Needs Another Public Consultation

A third runway for Heathrow still isn't a done deal, you know, and the prospect of new delays to the start of the project have been raised by news that another consultation over the plan is to be launched. Read More >>

Police Called to Heathrow Runway After Two-Day Flight Delay

Armed police were apparently called to a flight sitting on the runway at Heathrow last weekend, as passenger fury over a two-day flight delay — including two aborted takeoff attempts — spilled over. Read More >>

Heathrow Says Gentle Terraforming Could Offset Runway #3’s Carbon Output

Heathrow has come up with a plan to try to get the environmentalists on its side with the coming of its third runway, suggesting that the site could eventually be considered carbon neutral thanks to an odd solution that has nothing to do with the business of ferrying people abroad. Read More >>

How To Build A Brand New Airport — Without Heathrow’s Baggage

Last week, the government finally made a decision that had been put off by successive Prime Ministers for around 20 years. It concluded, at long last, that Heathrow Airport would be getting a third runway. Read More >>

Heathrow’s Third Runway Could Bridge the M25

The transport secretary clearly has some ideas about the form Heathrow's newly confirmed third runway will take, suggesting today that it might use a gently sloping ramp over the M25 to chuck planes full of drunk people towards the continent and beyond. Read More >>

Is Expanding Heathrow the Best Choice for the UK?

According to government sources quoted by the BBC, Heathrow is definitely going to get its third runway. The news comes courtesy of insiders that say the committee responsible has made the decision quietly, and it'll be announced today by the Transport Secretary. Read More >>

Heathrow Flight Abandoned After Virgin Atlantic Pilot Got Laser Zapped

A Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow to New York was abandoned shortly after passing over Ireland and out into the Atlantic, after one of the pilots reported a "medical issue" believed to have been triggered by someone shining a laser into the cockpit shortly after take off. Read More >>

Heathrow Runway 3 Decision in Holding Pattern Until Summer 2016

The final decision on whether or not to build another runway near all the runways of runway specialist Heathrow has been delayed, with the Ultimate Final Yes Or No now scheduled to be made some time during the summer of 2016. Read More >>

British Airways Confirms That People Are Actually Using the Apple Watch

BA has done some figure work, and says the use of its Apple Watch app rose by 386 per cent between June and October, proving that some consumers do actually use the timepiece to get stuff done. To make Apple customers feel even more smug, the airline’s set to roll out 136 ‘Scan and Go’ scanners at check-in desks across Terminals 3 and 5 at Heathrow Airport by 15 December. Apple Watch users will be able to quickly scan their boarding passes and print their own bag tags with a flick of the wrist. Read More >>

British Airways to Allow Londoners to Escape Directly to the Highlands from Heathrow

As of next year, we’ll be able to fly directly from Heathrow to Inverness via British Airways. The company’s confirmed it will introduce daily flights from London to the wild, wonderful Highlands (and vice versa) on 3 May, making it quicker and easier for people to move between two of the UK’s most drastically different spots. Read More >>

Boris Says Heathrow’s Runway Expansion is Doomed

London mayor Boris Johnson has sent a huge 30 page letter to MPs, claiming the extra runway for Heathrow that was agreed on after years of wrangling about how to make more aeroplanes work is a big mistake. Read More >>