British Gas’ Boiler IQ System is a 24/7 Doctor for Your Home

A new kind of boiler-monitoring system has been revealed by the fossil fuel enthusiasts at British Gas, one that has a range of embedded sensors inside it to monitor its health -- and radio back to base should an engineer be needed to unclog something with a straightened out coat hanger. Read More >>

Doctors to Start Prescribing Boilers, Insulation and Double Glazing

GPs in England will soon be able to prescribe you a warmer home, thanks to a £3m funding pledge that sets aside money to help those whose health issues are caused by living in damp, poorly heated housing. Read More >>

A New Material Uses the Cold Darkness of Outer Space to Cool Your House

In today's awesomely brutal-sounding material science news, engineers have created a building material that exploits that "cold darkness of the Universe" to cool itself—even when the sun is shining. The team from Stanford University calls it a "cosmic fridge," and it could replace air conditioning. Read More >>

Testmodo Challenge #1: Four Readers Get Started With Hive Active Heating

Testmodo sees Giz readers turn reviewers and give their hands-on-informed opinions of the latest and greatest kit we can muster, and our recent call to arms for four Giz readers to test Hive Active Heating just as we enter the chilly season saw an unsurprisingly large amount of interest. Read More >>

Pull This Cute Portable Radiator Around the Room Like a Warm-Bodied Pet

Okay, so it's not quite the right season, but I've fallen in love with this adorable Kangeri "nomadic radiator." Guide the little guy around the room and let him gently warm up your personal space, kind of like the puppy you can't have because your apartment building won't allow pets. Read More >>

Who Fancies Trying a Man’s 8p-a-day Room Heating Method?

This week's viral internet sensation isn't a cat eating a wasp, a lady falling over or down something, or a baby saying something stupid because its brain doesn't work properly yet -- it's a rather ordinary man talking about convection heating systems. Read More >>

Wristify Is a Radiator and Air Con You Can Wear Like a Watch

Heating a whole house come the winter months gets pricey. What if there was something you could wear (other than twelve layers of your nan's lovingly knitted jumpers) that could heat just you, and not the entire room around you? Read More >>

Finally, the Awesome Nest Smart Home Thermostat Is Coming to the UK

Home-modders rejoice! The awesome Nest smart home thermostat is finally making its way to our shores this year. Apparently the hold up is something to do with our home-heating systems using a different voltage, plus the myriad of crazy boiler setups we have here. Oh, and lack of air conditioning too. Let's just hope it won't be crazy expensive once it lands in the UK. [Pocket-Lint] Read More >>

Nest 2.0: The Smart Thermostat Is Thinner, Works With More Home Heating Systems Than Before

Nest was not the first smart thermostat to reach the hands of consumers. But it was the first that made our parents (and maybe even some of our grandparents) raise an eyebrow. It's cylindrical form and simple GUI are nothing, if not inviting to use, and it's ability to learn from your usage habits not only offers convenience, but possible savings when it comes to the power bill. Now with the second generation iteration of Nest—one that is slimmer and guaranteed to work with 95 per cent of home heating systems—the product wants to go from being a buzzy new product to a mainstream, must-have home gadget. Read More >>

All-Season Jacket Turns Inside-Out To Keep You Warm Or Cool

An Austrian company has developed a new kind of triple-layer fabric that allows this jacket to keep the wearer either warm or cool depending on how they wear it—making it the perfect accessory for globe-hopping adventurers who prefer to travel light. Read More >>

Carbon Nanotube Coated Fibers Could One Day Lead To Self-Heating Clothing

Working with Hokkaido University, Kuraray Living has created a soft washable fabric woven with carbon nanotube coated fibers that produces heat when electricity is applied. So when it's perfected, your electric blanket could get a lot less bulky. Read More >>

Heat Your Home This Winter Without Burning it Down

Winter's coming and it's getting cold. Time to dust off the ol' heating unit and get your home all nice and toasty. But before you strike a match or turn a dial, make sure you're doing so safely. Read More >>