Gigantic Bats Are Dying Upside Down, Making Australia’s Heatwave Look Like a Horror Movie

If you’ve ever seen Australia’s grey-headed flying fox, you know that they’re absolutely terrifying. With an average wingspan of over 3 feet, these threatened animals are sometimes called megabats. But you haven’t really seen terrifying until you’ve seen the flying fox dying by the hundreds, which is precisely what’s happening Down Under right now. Read More >>

Stock Up on Suncream as Killer Heatwave Summers Will Increase

The odd heatwave is treated like the Second Coming in dreary old Britain. But will we welcome blistering summers when they become the norm? A new Met Office report suggests that European summers will swelter as standard come the year 2040. Read More >>

What Are Your Tips For Staying Cool In Baking Britain?

It's bloody hot right now across most of the UK, and considering the country really isn't geared-up for this kind of heatwave, it's taking its toll. So, it's time to brainstorm good ways to keep cool, because the weather forecast reckons it's going to be into the 30s next week too. Phew. Read More >>