New Road Signs Aim to Stop You Running Down Half the Cast of Animals of Farthing Wood

The department for transport has announced the introduction of a new road sign to stop you running over hedgehog-sized animals to combat their dwindling numbers. And to keep you safe, of course. Read More >>

Hedgehog-Based Authentication Is the Only Way to Be Truly Secure

Come up with a password, they’ll crack it. Program a key card, they’ll hack it. Tie your identity to a DNA sequence and Russian black hats will break into your bedroom while you’re sleeping and steal all your blood. In the end, there’s only one truly unbreakable security measure: Atelerix albiventris, the humble hedgehog. Read More >>

Researchers Killed a Hedgehog With Data

A hedgehog has died. This doesn't usually make the news, as their bodies are usually left in the road to be repeatedly squashed and eaten by crows, but this case is different -- it was manslaughter. Hedgehogslaughter. A completely avoidable modern disaster fuelled by man's neverending quest for information. Read More >>

GPS Hedgehogs are Britain’s Latest Survival Specialists

With hedgehog numbers across Britain dwindling (and tonight's bonfire activities sure to lower the population numbers further) a team of researchers at Shepreth Wildlife Park in Cambridgeshire have come up with a novel solution to aid rehabilitated hedgehogs, equipping them with GPS trackers. Read More >>