These Heinz Tomato Ketchup Truffles Were a Lot Tastier Than We Thought They’d Be

Heinz has teamed up with Fortnum & Mason once again for a special surprise this Valentine's Day - Tomato Ketchup truffles! Sounds disgusting. So of course, we had to try them. Read More >>

These Tomato Ketchup Truffles Heinz is Rolling out for Valentine’s Day Sound Godawful

Bored of getting your SO the same old chocolates every Valentine's Day? Well why not entertain yourself by handing over a box of these ketchup truffles, sure to go down like you on the stairs, when you're relegated to the sofa. Read More >>

Heinz Cupcakes Are Coming to a London Bakery This Week With Some Really Freaky Flavours

Heinz is celebrating 150 years with some cursed cupcake flavours this Friday-the-almost-13th. Read More >>

“Mayochup” Rebranded Saucy Sauce for UK Anti-Foodies

If you hate food enough that you need to squeeze manufactured flavours out of a bottle on to it, Heinz has some good news. It has combined two types of sauce into one bottle to make life easier, like when NASA first started putting conditioner in the with the shampoo in the 1970s to streamline cleansing for astronauts. Read More >>

HP Sauce Has Changed Its Label for Only the Second Time in Its History to Show Big Ben in Scaffolding

Big Ben is currently in the midst of four year face-lift that's seen the decrepit old tower trussed up in scaffolding since 2017, letting out a forlorn little bong from time to time despite being taken off duty. Read More >>

Heinz Got the Attention it Wanted so Salad Cream is Safe

Heinz, which along with beans and tomato sauce also makes a kind of gloopy white paste that old ladies put in egg sandwiches to remind them of post-war celebration parties, has decided it won't be renaming Salad Cream to something stupid like "sandwich cream." Read More >>

Heinz Ad Banned for Promoting Dangerous Behaviour

The Advertising Standards Authority has leapt into action on the say-so of nine righteous people, people who complained that an advert showing beans enthusiasts playing the drums on empty cans of Heinz products was deadly dangerous. Read More >>

Heinz Apologies for Porn QR Code on a Ketchup Bottle

Shocking news out of Germany today as it has emerged that yes, finally, at last, someone has actually scanned a QR code that has been printed on a product. Read More >>

Ford Wants to Make Car Parts Out of Leftover Ketchup

Forget making cars more green—Ford and Heinz have a plan that adds a little red to the mix. In fact, they're entering into a collaboration to use remnants from ketchup to make parts for new cars. Read More >>

McDonald’s Ditches Heinz Tomato Ketchup in Global Condiment Bombshell

Burger chain McDonald's has had a massive sulk over high-level management changes at Heinz, and has decided to gradually phase out Heinz ketchup from all of its 34,000 branches around the world as a result. Read More >>

The Untold History Behind Everyone’s Favourite Condiment Bottle

The Heinz tomato ketchup bottle has become a mainstay of family dinners and greasy diners alike, and it's for this precise reason that its iconic shape so often goes overlooked. The tomato sauce bottle's familiar glass frame comes with a rich, fascinating history that, fortunately for us, Co.Design has been kind enough to dig up. Read More >>

Ketchup Used to Be Made of Fish: The Crazy History of The World’s Greatest Condiment

Here's something that might just blow your mind: ketchup—the national condiment of 1896, according to the New York Tribune—wasn't always tomato based. In fact, if it had remained in its early form, we might be spreading fish paste on our burgers (gulp) instead of the tangy tomato-y goodness we presently rely on. Read More >>