The Navy’s Wildcat Helicopters Rely on USB Sticks to Transfer Data

The Navy's posh new Wildcat helicopters are still missing one vital piece of technology two years after entering service, with the lack of a tactical data link meaning crew have to manually download data to USB sticks and shuffle operational information about in their pockets. Read More >>

Watching a Helicopter Whip Carry Christmas Trees Gets Me in the Holiday Spirit

Some people get excited for the holidays when decorations are getting put up, lights are getting smattered over houses, and cheery music is all over the radio. I get excited for the holidays by watching bad ass helicopters fly in crazy gnarly patterns to transport Christmas trees. It’s like those arcade claw machines but with a freaking chopper. Read More >>

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Watch a Helicopter Pilot Nail a Ship Landing in a Ridiculous Storm

You know that queasy feeling you get in your stomach when the pilot of a large passenger plane has to make a rough landing in bad weather? Just try and imagine what this Royal Danish Air Force pilot was feeling while trying to land a Seahawk MH-60R helicopter on a boat while both were being tossed around in a North Atlantic storm. Read More >>

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Helicopters Have A Speed Limit

There's a hard speed limit for helicopters. Like, a speed that helicopters physically can't exceed. Above about 400km/h, helicopter blades literally run out of lift and the bird falls out of the sky. It's due to a phenomenon called dissymmetry of lift, and this video explains exactly how it works. Read More >>

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MTV Helicopter Breaks Record For Largest Aerial Projection

To help promote its Video Music Awards that aired over the weekend, MTV employed a novel approach to aerial advertising. Instead of having a plane pulling a large banner, it used a pair of helicopters to create a flying cinema screen that the Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed as the world’s largest aerial projection. Read More >>

In the Unlikely Event You Find Yourself in a Sinking Helicopter, Here’s How to Survive

Members of the US Marine Corps are a bit more likely to be involved in a helicopter crash above the sea than most of us, hence they get trained on what to do should it happen. Here, you can pretend you're a tough marine, while on the internet from the safety of your black faux leather PC World chair. Read More >>

The End of This Insane Car Chase is Basically Grand Theft Auto in Real Life

This video shows the end of a car chase in Texas and it’s totally bananas. The suspect tries to outrun a helicopter in an open field, but while making a break for it, he gets pummelled by a police SUV. Somehow, he bounces off the car, gets back up, and manages to keep on running. At this point, a helicopter crew member jumps out of the chopper with his helmet still on and chases after the suspect to tackle him. It’s like watching Grand Theft Auto but in real life. Read More >>

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You’ll Never Be As Good at Anything As This Guy Is at RC Helicoptering

It might look like this erratic RC helicopter is malfunctioning and about to crash, but its pilot, Tareq Alsaadi, is in complete control. RC choppers are notoriously difficult to fly, but Alsaadi makes it look beyond effortless with a routine that has his craft flipping around in every direction. Read More >>

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How to Safely Land a Helicopter When the Motor Stops

Without a set of wings, you would assume that a helicopter couldn’t safely land like a gliding plane can in the event of an engine failure. But surprisingly, using some clever physics tricks, a skilled helicopter pilot can bring their craft in for a safe landing if its motor dies. Thankfully for all involved, it won’t just fall out of the sky. Read More >>

Awesome Picture of a V-22 Osprey Makes it Look Like an Invisible Plane With Star Engines

The V-22 Osprey is easily one of our favourite aircraft in use today and this picture of it might be the coolest photo of the tiltrotor aircraft ever taken. Because of the haziness and the dust and the focus of the camera, it looks like the Osprey is about to turn on an invisible mode. Even cooler, is how the propellers look like they’re powered by the stars. Read More >>

Glasgow Helicopter Crash Families Call for Black Boxes in all Passenger Aircraft

The families of those involved with the Clutha Vaults helicopter crash -- where a police helicopter crashed into a pub, killing 10 people -- have left the inquiry into what happened confused and frustrated, claiming that the only way to suitably handle such investigations in the future is to install black box flight recorders in all passenger carrying aircraft. Read More >>