That Viral Photo of People Golfing by a Huge Wildfire Is Actually Real

“That looks… very shopped,” one Gizmodo writer said, when he saw the viral image of three chill dudes golfing as a mountain burned behind them. On the left side of the frame, there are two other people gazing at the blaze. The whole scene does indeed look very fake, another fine Photoshop forgery. But it’s not. Read More >>

donald trump
A Closer Look at Donald Trump’s Magic Coke Delivery Button

It’s been 99 days since reality TV star Donald Trump was sworn in as president, and he’s really shaken things up in Washington. So far, with Republican control of Congress, he’s repealed Obamaca—ah, shit, never mind. Well, he did pass that comprehensive tax reform he promised. Oh, wait, I guess he didn’t do that either. One thing Trump has definitely done, though, is set up a magic button in the Oval Office that summons a butler carrying a refreshing, ice-cold Coca-Cola. Read More >>

An Iron Hell River Is Flowing Beneath The Earth

Beneath eighteen hundred miles of crust and mantle flows a molten iron hell river whose satanic secrets the European Space Agency has unleashed. Cool! Read More >>

Black Friday
The Worst Black Friday Deals We Could Find

Black Friday, the uncontrollable growth on the scrotum of our capitalist society, is here again. Sure, you could buy yourself a 40-inch television, or an immersion blender, or a fascist Christmas ornament. But why not consider the other people in your life instead? That friend you secretly hate will love the options below. Read More >>

Going to Reading Ikea Was as Bad an Idea as Husbands Foretold

Shoppers who thought it might be fun to visit the new Reading branch of Ikea had a bit of a nightmare this weekend, as the vast number of people trying to get out of the car park at tea time led to gridlock in the car park -- leaving some poor sad families stuck in their cars with their lovely new flatpack chairs and tea lights for up to four hours. Read More >>

Children and Idiots: Here are Some Halloween Apps

Numerous application developers are putting the word "Halloween" inside their apps today, in an effort to make children download them and accidentally click on adverts for irrelevant Samsung products so they earn an extra $0.06. Here are some of them in a list with no complicated words. Read More >>

Hell Hath Frozen Over. Literally.

We shit you not. With the US still in the grip of a so called "polar vortex", temperatures  in the small town of Hell in Michigan have plunged to 17 below. Citizens of Hell -- if ever you wanted to get a memorable selfie with your pitchforks and devil costumes by the town sign, now is the time. Just avoid getting frostbite. [BBC] Read More >>

Facebook’s Just Become the New Electronic Vegas

I don't know about you, but I'm not even the slightest bit interested in online bingo, but it seems vast swathes of the UK are absolute fanatics. Now you can even gamble away your hard earned cash on Facebook -- there really is no escape. Read More >>

We Spend 81 Days a Year Just Emailing; Make It Stop, Please

Do you feel like you're being buried alive by email? You're not the only one. Apparently the average worker now spends at least 2.5 hours a day, or a tedious 81 working days a year, just emailing. What a colossal waste of time. How on Earth do you get through it each and every day? Read More >>

Descend into New York’s Hellmouth Elevator

It's kind of hard to startle a New Yorker. That's not arrogance speaking so much as being numb to all the public masturbators by this point. Still, an elevator in a nondescript office building in Queens opening to a hellish mix of Carnivàle and a Tim Burton flick is something to see. Read More >>