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The £268,000 F-35 Pilot Helmet Can See Through the Pilot’s Aircraft

This is one of the priciest pieces of pilots’ head gear ever constructed. The F-35 Gen III Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS), with the tremendous price tag of $400,000/£268,119, is so advanced that it lets pilots see through their own airframe. Read More >>

A Halo Helmet That Protects Your Head On Motorcycles or Warthogs

It looks like NECA is ready to stop teasing its Master Chief-inspired motorcycle helmet and finally start flogging an actual product as early as July of this year. Read More >>

This Folding Bike Helmet Is an Urban Cyclist’s Dream Come True

Cycling in cities is a great idea: it's quick, cheap, and you even get some exercise. But the number of people that don't wear a helmet is frankly terrifying. Maybe this folding helmet will help change that. Read More >>