Oh Jesus, Look at This Snake Eating a Wallaby

In many ways, Australia is great: Twisties, beautiful beaches, hot sports men. In other ways, however, it’s a nightmare hellscape dreamt up by a drunk Salvador Dali after a visit to Jurassic Park. Read More >>

The Man That Made Apple Possible is in Trouble, and You Can Help Him

Perhaps you don't know John Draper aka "Captain Crunch" but, if you're using a MacBook or an iPhone today, it's because of him. He and his blue box were a fundamental inspiration for Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in making Apple. He's now in trouble and needs our help. Woz has written this fascinating article so you can understand how he influenced them both and how much we all owe him. Read More >>

The New Airbnb Logo is the Sexual Rorschach Test for Our Time

Is it balls? Is it a vagina? Is it balls in front of a vagina? These are the questions the internet is asking after Airbnb revealed its new logo to the world in a puzzling webcast today. Read More >>

What Gadgets Are You Buying Your Parents for Christmas?

Confession: I have no idea what to get my parents for Christmas. Last year we got my ol' dad a Kindle, and it was a big hit. I'm not sure how to top it. Read More >>