Karls Urban, Ranked

Karl-Heinz Urban is good. His sneers are excellent, his range extends from grandiose to gritty, his look is fine and his appearances in Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys are numerous. But which version of Karl Urban is the best Karl Urban? Who among the Karls Urban is supreme? Read More >>

Travel to the Wonderful Worlds of Disney With These Beautiful Posters

One of the many things that make animated Disney movies so memorable are the exotic locations. Some are real, like Paris in Ratatouille. Others are fantasy, like Arendelle in Frozen. But no matter if the settings are real or fictional, the places in those movies are places we’d love to visit. Read More >>

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Nocturnal Air-to-Air Fuelling Looks Incredible

Ever wondered what air-to-air refuelling looked like up in the night skies? Thanks to the Royal Air Force we can show you: this is what a Lockheed C-130 Hercules crew sees when refuelling at night. So, quite a lot like Tron, then. [Cpl Neil Bryden/Royal Air Force/Facebook) Read More >>

This Video Truly Shows the Overwhelming Size of the Universe

Every time I look at the sky in a remote location, far away from cities' light pollution, I marvel at the immensity of the Universe. But this video truly shows how much bigger the Universe is, how impossibly huge. Just watch and look at all those dots turn into galaxies until you reach your destination. Read More >>

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Awesome Image of Airplane Formation Near Mount Fuji Just Needs Godzilla to Be Perfect

Check out this formation of eight U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft flying in formation near Mount Fuji, Japan. It's so beautiful that it looks like an illustration or a frame from a lost Akira Kurosawa modern war film. Read More >>

Watch This Crazy Hercules Airplane Flying Just Five Metres Above the Ground

Crazy jet fighter pilots: CHECK! Crazy bomber pilots: CHECK! Crazy military transport pilots: Watch this crazy pilot fly this Swedish Air Force' Hercules C-130 as low as five metres just over the head of his colleagues. Read More >>