Groundbreaking Sun Observation Could Revolutionise Space Weather Prediction

Space weather forecasting—predicting the kind of energetic particles the Sun will throw at us—is years behind weather forecasting here on Earth. As solar physicist Scott McIntosh put it, “Our current model of space weather forecasting is, ‘oh shit a sunspot happened eight minutes ago, now we have to figure out what’s going to happen.” It’s a shame we’re not better at predicting space weather, since it can bust up satellites and even electronics on Earth. Read More >>

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All the Instruments In This Excellent Rock Band Are Played by Actual Rocks

Last year, artist Neil Mendoza turned a hamster running in a wheel into a talented sketch artist. This year he’s pulled off an even more amazing feat by turning inanimate rocks into a talented (literal) rock band that plays a surprisingly decent cover of The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” Read More >>

The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun! With a Guitar Solo You’ve Never Heard Before

"Here Comes the Sun" is probably my favorite song George Harrison wrote for the Beatles, probably because it reminds me vividly of the day he died. This new guitar solo is finally bringing the song back to life for me. Read More >>