What it’s Like to Wear Bionic Earbuds

If you love live music, the new Here Active Listening System is an impossibly nerdy idea that might change the way you experience your favourite hobby. I’ve been using one of the first production versions of the sound-altering tech for a few days, and I’m excited about the potential for a world in which I might never hear anything except for exactly what I want to — exactly the way I want to. Read More >>

Nokia Has Sold its HERE Maps to Audi, BMW and Mercedes for £1.9 Billion

Nokia’s map platform HERE has impressed ever since it was first released. It’s also impressive enough for a motoring consortium made up of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes to buy it for $3 billion (that's £1.9 billion or thereabouts). Read More >>

Samsung is Ditching Google Maps for Nokia’s Here

However good Google Maps might be, Samsung has decided that it can do better. Teaming up with Nokia, a beta version of Here for Android is being made available exclusively for Samsung. Read More >>

Nokia’s Apple Maps-Killing Here Maps Is Now Available for the iPhone

Hate Apple Maps? Good news: Nokia's Here maps are now up for free download for the iPhone and iPad. They certainly look different, and are packed with NAVTEQ maps, so should be accurate, unlike Apple's attempt. Voice-guided walking directions, offline maps, public transport, and driving directions are all there too. I just can't figure out how to activate the compass. [iTunes] Read More >>

5 Things To Love About Nokia’s New Maps

Nokia's rebranded mapping service will soon arrive on iPhones and and Android devices, under the moniker of Here. For Android users this isn't a huge deal, but for iPhone owners living in the age of iOS 6, it could change a lot. Nokia's maps, on other platforms, have been fantastic. Read More >>

Nokia’s Insanely Fast New Mapping Service Looks Awesome

Apple Maps sucks hard but Nokia's navigation solution, a product called Here that was just announced today, is fast as hell. Read More >>