9 Superpowers We’d Love to Have in Our Present Day Reality

A big chunk of the wish-fulfilment aspect of most genre media (sci-fi, fantasy, horror) involves inviting you to fantasise about how you would use your own vast superpowers to save the world in a time of crisis. But in moments like the one we’re all living through right now, the idea of having superhuman abilities takes on a slightly different significance. Here are a few we think would come in handy. Read More >>

The New Spider-Man Mask is Seriously Flawed

That Spider-Man from the new film about heroes jumping about the place like children at a fancy dress party got people quite excited. And also angry. And also confused. Well, here's a new emotion for men on the internet to experience for the first, too -- bewilderment. Read More >>

Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Trailer Edit Proves They’re all the Same

Ever get a weird feeling of deja vu when watching the movie trailer for this year's stupid CGI fest? You're not the only one, and we now have documentary evidence that all Hollywood trailers are built to the same template thanks to a lovely mash-up of blockbuster footage. Read More >>

Batkid Will Save San Francisco, Thanks to Make-A-Wish

Miles is a great kid fighting a courageous battle against leukemia. But for one special day in November, he won't be Miles. He'll be Batkid, riding alongside Batman apprehending the Riddler and Penguin and protecting the streets of San Francisco. Read More >>

WW2 Veteran Had All This Shrapnel In His Knee

I love good World War II stories. They are always fascinating—although (too) often sad and dramatic. Sometimes, they are just amazing. Like the tale of Ronald Brown, a soldier who stepped on a land mine in France and lived in silent pain with a shocking 170 grams of shrapnel in his knee. Read More >>

The Complete Heroes Collection on Blu-Ray Is Your Weekend-Backup-Plan Deal of the Day

We all like to while away our quiet time by imagining what special powers we would have if we were superheroes. As far as your correspondent is concerned, the ability to create real live greyhounds from nothing using only eye lasers seems pretty desirable. Read More >>

Beat Royal Mail’s Jacked-Up Stamp Prices With Your “Screw Email, I Still Use Snail Mail” Deal of the Day

As you may be aware, the Royal Mail yesterday stuck the knife deep into the heart of all of us, with their announcement of horrific stamp price increases. Read More >>

A Street Cleaning Simulator For the PC Is Your “Because GTA’s Just too Rough For a Neat-Freak Like Me” Deal of the Day

Today’s top deal is one for those of you who are put off by the high-speed driving and terribly bad behaviour inherent in games such as the GTA series. It also helps if you’re an obsessive-compulsive tidier. Read More >>