Amazon’s Pre-Pre-Black Friday Sale, Called Hidden Gems, is Now On

Yesterday we mentioned that Amazon was doing some early deals for something called 'Hidden Gems' - which was yet another sale to add to the long list of sales Amazon takes part in. Well, today is the day Hidden Gems kicks off for real, and it's the first of five days of deals. Read More >>

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Where Movies Get Their Vintage Electronics

Have you ever watched a show like Mad Men and wondered where they found those early Xerox machines? Or where The Americans got their hands on all the Reagan-era IBMs that you thought would be piled in a landfill? Well, there’s a good chance these historically-accurate gadgets came from a massive warehouse in Brooklyn with a specific mission: to preserve some of the world’s oldest, most cherished electronics. Read More >>

Star-Trek Into Darkness Hidden Poster
What’s the Best Hidden Easter Egg You’ve Found In Something?

Yesterday we were treated to an eye-popping new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, but hidden within it was a link to a brand new poster. You had to be eagle-eyed to spot the thing, and have a super-sharp monitor to boot, but it was hidden in plain sight alright. That got me thinking. I really love it when developers, producers, and artists take the time to hide things for people to find in their works. But what's the best one you've ever found? Read More >>