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This Axe Is Really Scary, and Then You Realise It Has A Slingshot Inside

This week Joerg invited some students from the Technical University of Munich to create general mayhem with him via a steel axe. But an axe by itself isn't menacing/relevant enough. It obviously has to double as a slingshot. And it does! The handle of the axe is hollow... Read More >>

Stolen UK Laptop Is Sending Its Owner Secret Photos From Its New Home in Iran

Dom Del Torto is an animator currently living in the UK. Dom Del Torto's laptop is a MacBook Pro currently living 3,000 miles away in Iran. This was not a planned separation. Read More >>

Secret Sounds
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These Are the Secret Sounds of All Your Electronics

We all know the telltale hum of a computer's fan kicking on, or the barely-there buzz of fluorescent lights. But even the most whisper-quiet devices are singing their little songs of daily life; you just can't hear them. At least not without some help. Read More >>

windows 8
Windows 8 Has a Secret, Hidden Start Menu

Lots of people have bemoaned Windows 8 for ditching the traditional start menu for the big, tile-based 'start screen'. Hell, Samsung's even bundling an app that gives you a classic start menu with new machines. But there is a start menu, of sorts, hidden within Windows 8. You just need to know where to look. Read More >>

The Solar System’s Newest Beach Spot Is an Icy One

One ticket to Pluto, please! Seems there's an ocean there just waiting to be discovered, surfed or lounged about. Don't worry about my well-being though—I'll be packing a sweater. Read More >>