Uh, Microsoft, I Think You Forgot Something

Windows 8.1 has addressed a lot of issues that people had with Microsoft's favourite child -- and by that, I mean it stuck a Start button down in the bottom-right corner. But there's a much greater, much deeper problem holding back Windows, and 8.1, rather than fixing it, Microsoft only gave it the most cursory of nods. Read More >>

Microsoft, We Really Need a Proper HiDPI Mode For Windows

If you ever needed a reason to spit out a proper hidpi mode, Microsoft, now you have one. Your very own Microsoft Surface Pro's 10-inch 1080p screen makes UI elements too small to be truly useable, but now Samsung's spat a 13.3-inch laptop display with an insane 3200x1800 resolution. That's an Apple Retina Display-beating 276.05ppi. 50 more pixels per inch than the Surface Pro. Read More >>

Messages Beta Lets Slip More Retina Mac Evidence

It seems Apple’s pretty much destined to make Retina Display Macs at this point. There have been quite a few hints from apps and pre-release software depicting a “HiDPI” mode within OS X. Now the eagle-eyed MacRumors have found yet more evidence within Apple’s just released beta of Messages. Read More >>

Apple’s New High Definition Cursors In Mac OS Update May Signal Retina Display Macs

Cheerful, Apple spokesman aficionado John Gruber talks about four tweets that, according to him, "may" indicate an incoming Apple hardware upgrade, perhaps the introduction of new Retina Display-level Macs or displays. Given his intimate relationship with Apple, you better listen up to his "wishful thinking." Read More >>

Ultra-High Definition Displays Coming to Macs—More Proof

Screenshots of Mac OS X 10.7.3 developer builds have revealed what we already suspected: ultra-high definition Macs are coming. This Get Info window capture reveals a HIDPI (Hi-Dots-Per-Inch) mode checkbox that may come in the next update of Apple's desktop OS. Read More >>