Japanese High-Speed Rail Line Was Brought to Standstill by Tiny Slug That Fried on Power Cable

Japanese rail company JR Kitakyushu says that one small slug was responsible for a power outage and subsequent delays for an estimated 12,000 commuters on a high-speed rail line in Kyushu on May 30, CNN reported on Monday. Read More >>

International Air Travel Will Be Fun Again in the Near Future

Being abroad, far from home in strange new places, is inherently thrilling but it often requires coping with an interminable, soul-sucking flight to get there. But things are looking good for the future of air travel, so tray tables up please and prepare for take-off. Read More >>

Six Ways That Magnets Are About to Change Our Lives

Magnets. You already know what they are and everything about them. Or do you? Magnets are crucial to many more emerging technologies than you might expect. The tried-and-true magnet is about to change everything–  from how we drive and treat cancer to how we play sports. Read More >>

The World Should Envy This Speed Record-Shattering Japanese Bullet Train

The Central Japan Railway Company’s maglev bullet train hit 366 miles per hour yesterday in a test, a record-setting clip that breaks the the 12-year landspeed record of 361 mph, the Wall Street Journal reports. Read More >>

A Tour of the Futuristic Roof on California’s High-Speed Rail Station

As the landmark signifying an entirely new way to travel throughout the state, California's first high-speed rail station needs to look firmly towards the future. Thanks to a material called ETFE that turns its roof into a giant plastic balloon, this Anaheim station showcases groundbreaking design and engineering as part of its progressive transit mission. Read More >>

UK Joins the High-Speed Rail Club — HS2 Approved for 2026 Departure

The mega-controversial HS2 high-speed rail network had been approved. Although "network" is perhaps going a little too far -- a new Y-shaped line between London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds will start construction in 2016. Read More >>