Patisserie Valerie Rescued By Not-Sports-Direct

Someone is icing a huge sponge cake with the words "THANK FUCK" as we speak, because Patisserie Valerie has been saved. Read More >>

Sports Direct Founder in Talks to Buy HMV

Eventually, the British High Street will consist entirely of Pret and Sports Direct. Read More >>

HMV Parties Like it’s 2013 With Second Administration on the Way

HMV is once again calling in the bankers and accountants to sort out the mess it has made out there on the high street, with the administration process putting the jobs of the chain's 2,200 workers at risk and the entire business under threat of closure or, perhaps worse, purchase by Sports Direct. Read More >>

14 High Street Shops Close Every Day

2,692 of Britain's high street shops closed down in the first six months of 2018, and it looks like the trend is set to continue as some of the UK's biggest names struggle with the worst retail conditions in years. Read More >>

Why Don’t We Just Call the Entire Country “Sports Direct”

Mike Ashley, king of the polyester warehouses and hero of the troubled high street brand, has bought up a fresh batch of premises on the cheap, as he's come in at the last minute again to pull another chain out of financial distress. Bike supplier Evans Cycles is now part of Ashley's kingdom of troubled brands. Read More >>

Up to 50 Debenhams Stores to Close

The British High Street is firmly in the doldrums, and the latest household name to announce a spate of closures to try to recover is Debenhams. The beloved department store joins House of Fraser, WH Smith and many other high street favourites in taking action to shut down stores. Read More >>

WH Smith is Closing a Bunch of Shops

More bad news for the UK high street: WH Smith is closing some stores and ending experiments including its discount card shop CardMarket and WH Smith Local concessions. Read More >>

UK’s Pub Purge Continues as 1,300 Close in a Year

The UK pub scene that includes everything that isn't a massive Wetherspoons is showing no signs of recovery, as stats show that nearly 1,300 of our pubs closed last year. We didn't even think there were 1,300 left. Read More >>

Dixons and Carphone Warehouse in Talks to Merge and Create UK Tech Behemoth

High street tablet and washing machine specialist Dixons Group is having talks with mobile expert Carphone Warehouse about a possible merger, with the plan being to create one tech giant with a staggering 2,900 UK branches. Read More >>

Fewer High Street Shops Closed in 2013, But What’s the Scene Like In Your Local Area?

Retail stats suggest the rate at which shops are deserting the UK high street has slowed, as the new wave of charity shops, coffee chains and pawnbrokers open up to replace the holes where Woolworths and the rest once stood. But do you ever walk down your local high street any more? Read More >>

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Currys and PC World Will Now Deliver Same-Day

Need that super-expensive HDMI cable in a hurry? No problem. Both your local Currys and PC World will start delivering same day, between 6.30 and 10pm on weekdays. The catch? It'll be £15 a pop and you'll have to order before 9am that day. Read More >>

EasyJet Taking On Tesco With EasyFoodstore

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of EasyJet and all its "easy" spin-offs, fancies a crack at the UK groceries market and is launching his own take on a super-cut-price version of Tesco, first in Croydon and then the rest of the UK. The day-glow orange monster is about to invade our high street. Read More >>

3d printing
You Can Buy a 3D Printer on the High Street Now

Up until now, 3D printers were still the preserve of the wealthy and the industrious, or at least those prepared to buy something online. But now you can purchase your very own DIY creation marvel, direct from a high street brick and mortar store -- no internet needed. Read More >>

HMV Saviour Confirmed as HMV Canada’s Owner Swoops In

Looks like all 140 remaining HMV stores will stay open thanks to Hilco UK (beating out ASDA), which bought out HMV's debt, and previously managed to turn around HMV in Canada. 2,500 staff will keep their jobs, and even some stores originally set to close have been taken off the chopping block. That brings the total closed to 90 stores, far less than originally feared. [Sky via MCV] Read More >>

blockbuster administrator closing down
Blockbuster UK Has Been Saved

Britain's economy might be going tits-up, but there's one tiny pin-prick of light at the end of a very long tunnel: Blockbuster, one of the biggies in January's horror-show of business failures, is being saved from total doom. Huzza! Read More >>