Someone Seems to Have Finally Made a Highlighter That Won’t Smear Your Notes

They seem like a mundane piece of stationery, just one of hundreds of tools helping you to get through college, but apparently there's still some advanced research being done in the field of highlighters, resulting in what seems to be the first markers that won't smear notes written in pen. Read More >>

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Microwaving a Highlighter Is So Dumb But Looks So Impossibly Cool

Ever wonder what happens when you nuke a highlighter? Neither have we, but Redditor opticreason has us all covered with an incredible mid-splosion shot that'll make you want to go ruin your microwave. Read More >>

Why Did It Take So Long to Make a See-Through Highlighter Tip?

Not since Liquid Paper has there been an innovation in office supplies as awesome as this highlighter's see-through tip that makes it easier to see the text as you're... well... highlighting it. Read More >>