This Crumbling, Abandoned Overpass is Becoming a Sky Garden

If you live in a post-industrial city, odds are good that it’s got its share of abandoned, blighted transport infrastructure. Some cities demolish it, some cities let it fester, and other cities repurpose it. In Seoul, South Korea, they’re choosing the latter. Read More >>

Russian Oligarch: Let’s Build a Superhighway From Russia to the US

Route 66. The Autobahn. The Trans-Eurasian Belt Development? The head of Russia's railway system has proposed a superhighway through Siberia across the Bering Strait that would link Europe with the United States through Russia. Read More >>

London Tells Cars to Bugger Off by Turning Embankment into a Cycle Superhighway

One of the most popular sections of London's riverside real estate is getting a cyclist-friendly redesign, as the pressure to accommodate bikes will see segregated lanes added to the road that runs through Embankment. Read More >>

Motorways are Making California’s Mountain Lions Inbred and Aggressive

Motorways let us humans zip from one place to another—at least when the traffic's not horrendous. But for wild animals, highways are like wide concrete fences that feature metal boxes of death barrelling down at 70 mph. In the Santa Monica Mountains, a population of wild mountain lions has become penned in by motorways and housing developments, turning inbred—and aggressive. Read More >>

How Google’s Self-Driving Car is Tackling the Chaos of City Streets

We've all heard about how well Google's self-driving car does on the motorway. But is that so impressive? Heck, put on cruise control and an audiobook, and any car seems like it can drive itself. The latest update from Mountain View, however, suggests that this miracle vehicle is entering a new phase if development. Read More >>

Hackers Can Now Create Fake Traffic Jams

A couple of Israeli students figured out a way to create fake traffic jams using the popular, Google-owned Waze GPS app. While it sounds silly at first, these kinds of infrastructure hacks could have serious consequences as we depend more and more on data to help us get around town. Read More >>

Five Ideas to Make Roads Safer for Cars and Pedestrians

"Vision Zero," New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to eliminate traffic deaths in the city, is audacious but not unprecedented. Like almost all good social policies, the Swedes did it first and everyone could learn a thing or two from them. Read More >>

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All Roads Should Glow in the Dark (Obviously)

The Dutch design firms Studio Roosegaarde and Hejimans Infrastructure just came up with a brilliant prototype for a "Smart Highway" that uses interactive lighting that adapts to driving conditions to make the roads safer. Enough with crap infotainment systems inside cars that distract us from driving with Twitter and dinner reservations—let's light up the roads like a night club until no one crashes again. Read More >>