The Laws of Physics Deform These Olympic Ice Skaters Beyond Recognition

Sad and Useless has a collection of ridiculous pictures of figure ice skaters deformed by their crazy pirouettes at Sochi. Look at their beautiful motion getting frozen into a somewhat terrifying freak show, all thanks to physics. Read More >>

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I Never Want to Stop Watching This Incredible Vine Compilation Video

Some blessed, benevolent soul who we only know by his YouTube user name, Eric S, has gone and created what will undoubtedly be the best 11 minutes and 38 seconds of your day, a compilation video of the best Vines 2013 so far. And you're going to wish it never had to end. Read More >>

These Outrageous Chinese DVD Movie Copies Are Utterly Hilarious

I may have a bad memory, but I don't remember Matrix Reloaded to be about "white men wanting a stud to breed slaves." Or Arnold Swarchenegger starring in Star Wars. Or a Tom Cruise movie called Pepe Likes Tacos. But, if you are in China, that's exactly what happens. Read More >>

The Best F*cking Ad Ever for the Samsung Galaxy F*cking Note

Someone in Canada got one of those f*cking ridiculous Samsung Galaxy Notes and then decided it was too f*cking big, so he decided to sell it. Which is great, because his Craigslist ad is f*cking hilarious. Sadly it was flagged and removed. Read More >>