HMV Saviour Confirmed as HMV Canada’s Owner Swoops In

Looks like all 140 remaining HMV stores will stay open thanks to Hilco UK (beating out ASDA), which bought out HMV's debt, and previously managed to turn around HMV in Canada. 2,500 staff will keep their jobs, and even some stores originally set to close have been taken off the chopping block. That brings the total closed to 90 stores, far less than originally feared. [Sky via MCV] Read More >>

ASDA Lining up Last Minute HMV Rescue Bid?

Green-topped supermarket chain ASDA may be about to salvage pink-topped physical media dinosaur HMV, with the retail giant said to be offering to buy the remaining HMV stores from the administrator -- and keep some of them going. Read More >>

66 HMV Stores to Close With 930 Staff Out of a Job

Hilco might have bought out HMV's debt, giving it effective control over Deloitte's administration of the troubled chain, but that doesn't mean everything is hunky dory right now. HMV's just announced 66 stores will close with the loss of 930 jobs. Ouch. Read More >>

Peter Jones From Dragons’ Den Buys Jessops

I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news for the poor staff of the now defunct Jessops, but Peter Jones, he of Dragons' Den fame, has bought the brand in conjunction with a couple of other investors. According to the Telegraph, it's likely Jessops will become an internet-only retailer, ditching stores and therefore staff. Read More >>

Half of HMV’s Stores Will Be Saved

So there's good news and bad news. The good news: as suspected, Hilco, the proud new owners of HMV, won't be shutting the company down. The bad? Well, only half the stores are being saved, which, according to my highly complicated business analysis, means the other half of the stores are going to get shut down. Read More >>

HMV’s Getting Rescued

Looks like the High Street can breathe a tiny sigh of relief -- HMV, everyone's favourite beleagured CD seller, is getting rescued by the owners of HMV Canada, Hilco. Read More >>