Uber Wins Crappy Consolation Two-Month Contract for London Operation

The boring contractual wrangling between Uber and Transport for London is not going to end any time soon, as London's transport authority has agreed to hand the car-booking business a new licence to continue operating in the city – but it only lasts for two months, so another application will have to be started immediately. Read More >>

ScotRail Throws its Own Hire Bikes in Metaphorical Canal

The Bike & Go cycle hire scheme that saw a few knackered old red clunkers dumped outside Scottish rail stations is to close, with rail bosses saying hire numbers are down and the concept simply isn't paying for itself. Read More >>

Freebike Joins the Canal-Throwing Challenge With London Ebike Launch

Relatively new and unscathed transport startup Freebike is about to unleash a fleet of electric bikes in London, rivalling Uber's Jump scheme but for folk in suits who work or commute around the City area. Read More >>

Mobike Politely Removes Bikes From Hire in Manchester

Mobike has followed through with its threat to pull its fleet of hire bikes out of Manchester, and is now returning the deposits and account credit of local users and shipping the bikes out to other spots around the UK. Read More >>

Next-Gen Boris Bike Rolls Out Today

Pashley Cycles, the importer and assembler of the bits that make up London's fleet of official hire bicycles, has revealed its latest model, and there are quite a few changes under the saddle. Read More >>

Uber for Boats Arrives in Europe

There is now an official splinter group within Uber dedicated solely to boats, with UberBOAT about to go live for bookings in and around the coast of Croatia. Read More >>

Thousands of Bikes About to Rain Down on Manchester

Manchester's about to be beset by bicycles, like in the fake Morrissey video but with helmets and lycra and angry confrontations with van drivers now, thanks to Chinese bike-share giant Mobike. Read More >>

500 Bikes Will Soon be Dumped on Cambridge

A new bike sharing scheme is about to launch in the gently undulating bike nirvana of Cambridge, with Chinese firm Ofo soon to test our national sense of honesty by leaving 500 rental bikes undocked for riders to casually tool about on. Read More >>

London’s Boris Bikes Gain App Control for Bonus Hipster Points

The Boris Bikes -- or the Santander Cycles as their new sponsor would like them to be known -- parked on various London streets for people to pop out and take for a spin, are about to be made that little bit easier to manage via the arrival of a bespoke mobile app. Read More >>

35p a Minute PAYG Car Rental Slowly Taking off in London and the UK

The idea of short-term car rental charged by the hour isn't anything new in our cities, but the service offered by Car2go is a little different -- it lets you drive one way and dump it somewhere else. It's a Boris Bike with a roof. Read More >>