The No-Hire Emails That Incriminate Apple, Google, Adobe and More

A court filing has just been made public which sheds light on the "no-hire" gentleman's agreements that have pervaded the tech industry — and reveals how Steve Jobs threatened litigation to prevent companies from stealing his staff. Read More >>

Apple Knows Its Maps Are Rubbish and Is Hurriedly Hiring to Try and Fix Them

It amazes me that crap products make it out of the factory, be it software or hardware. Surely at some point someone must have said, hang on, this is a bit rubbish, no? Well, it looks like Apple knew its maps were shit before launch, it just didn't have the expertise to fix it. Read More >>

10 LinkedIn Charts That Show How Apple’s Hiring Practices Set It Apart

We pulled a bunch of detailed information about Apple's employees from LinkedIn - which is all available on the site. It turns out Apple employs way more general and administrative people than research and development engineers, according to the LinkedIn data. It also hires way faster than most other tech companies in the industry. Read More >>