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Learn All About the History of Rockets in Just Four Minutes

Diehard fans of space exploration, rejoice! That pseudonymous foul-mouthed mastermind, exurb1a, who gave us the universe in just four minutes, is back with an irreverent video tackling the colourful history of rocket science. Read More >>

Engineer Discovers Something Amazing in Da Vinci’s ‘Irrelevant Scribbles’

Never assume that Leonardo Da Vinci’s doodles are meaningless. That, at least, is the conclusion of a new study out of the University of Cambridge, which shows that a page of Leonardo’s scribbled notes from 1493 — previously dismissed as “irrelevant” by art historians — is actually the first written demonstration of the laws of friction. Read More >>

The British WWII Club That Healed Burned Pilots and Pioneered Plastic Surgery

One of the most exclusive clubs in the UK's rich history was not full of hereditary peers and socialites, but instead counted former pilots and servicemen as its chief members. We are talking about the Guinea Pig Club, a society where membership requirements were steep. Read More >>

Harvard’s “Frankenstein”: The ’70s Controversy Over Mixing DNA

In the 1970s, two inhuman creatures — one hairy and tall, another with orange eyes — were spotted in New England. The mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts, blamed these monsters not on unreliable testimonies, but recombinant DNA technology, then a new and promising laboratory technique. Read More >>

You Can Buy This Window From the Manhattan Project for a Small Fortune

Bonhams auction house is gearing up for a big "History of Science" sale on October 22. Among the many intriguing lots is a slab of unique glass used during one of the darkest scientific pursuits the world has ever embarked upon: The Manhattan Project. But don't worry. It's not radioactive. Read More >>

An Intricate Typeface Made Out of History’s Greatest Inventions

When she was a design student, Khyati Trehan embarked on an ambitious project to highlight history's 26 most influential inventors with a unique alphabet. Remarkably, each letter of the special typeface is drawn with a world-changing invention while also name-checking the inventor. The letter "E," for instance, is represented by the phonograph invented by Edison. Read More >>