BAE’s Digital Night Vision for Pilots Tested in the Real World’s Sky

BAE's Striker II digital night vision system is ready to be tested in the real world, with the next-generation HMD now being used in the dark, in an aeroplane, for real. Read More >>

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I Used the Final Oculus Rift. Here are the Games Worth Playing

I don’t know how much the final Oculus Rift virtual reality headset will cost. The fact that it won’t come with its amazing motion controller makes me want to wait. But even with just an Xbox One gamepad, there are already mind-blowing experiences to be had. Here are all of them. Read More >>

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The Oculus App Store Will Be a Walled Garden, Just Like Apple and Google

“The Rift is an open platform,” said Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, one month ago. “We don’t control what software can run on it, and that’s a big deal.” A day later, dozens of headlines proudly proclaimed that Oculus wouldn’t block virtual reality porn. Sadly, it’s not true. Not the porn part... and maybe not the open part, either. Read More >>

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Here’s The Final Oculus Rift, Coming in Early 2016

This is it: the final consumer version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It’s coming Q1 2016, and it looks just like the version that leaked two days ago! We went to see Oculus’s announcement live in San Francisco. Here’s the scoop. Read More >>

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Giant Leak Shows Us How the Final Oculus Rift Looked in 2014

Sometimes, all it takes is a little digging in a website’s style sheets to find a vein of gold. In this case, an enterprising Reddit user discovered a set of gorgeous high-res images of the final Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and a never-before-mentioned game controller—two days before Oculus’s big reveal this Thursday. Whoops! Read More >>

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Valve vs. Sony: Who’s Got The Better VR Experience?

Ladies and gentlemen, we've got two front-runners in the virtual reality race. Sony's Project Morpheus and the HTC Vive are the best VR we've ever seen. Both let you actually reach out and grab objects, unlike the Oculus Rift. But which of these two technological marvels is the most promising? Read More >>

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Hands On: Sony’s New Morpheus Is The Best VR Headset Yet

I just survived a shark attack. I just stole a priceless diamond in an upscale London heist. I did it with Sony's new Project Morpheus headset. It's the best I've ever tried. Read More >>