HMRC is in Trouble For Allegedly Storing Taxpayer Voices Without Consent

Last year HMRC launched something called 'Voice ID', a vocal recognition system that would recognise a user's voice (and password) to confirm their identity. While HMRC claims the system is optional, it's been accused of storing and analysing the voices of millions of taxpayers without consent. Read More >>

Apple Asked to Pay £136m More in UK Tax

What's been described as an "extensive audit" of Apple's tortuous business arrangements carried out by the HMRC has raised its UK tax bill, with the maker of those telephones everyone's always on about handed a tax demand for an additional £136m as a result of the investigation. Read More >>

HMRC Told to Stop Cosying up to the Super Rich

A group of MPs operating as part of the public accounts committee has had a good old look at how HMRC handles the bloated tax affairs of the super rich, and has come up with a list of ways the national tax collector needs to toughen up. Read More >>

One Third of the “Super-Rich” are Being Investigated for Tax Fiddling

The National Audit Office has released a collection of data covering the tax affairs of the super-rich in the UK, saying that around one third of all people in the richest of the rich category are being investigated by the tax department in some way or another due to the complicated tax worlds they live in. Read More >>

HMRC is Great at Taking Our Money, But Can’t be Bothered Chasing Tax Dodgers

The people that take your money are apparently frighteningly bad at their jobs. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) level of customer service has been described as ‘abysmal’ by the Public Accounts Committee, and is said to be only getting worse. Read More >>

HMRC Wants Your eBay Records, in Case You’re a Charity Shop Junk Millionaire

Us little, ordinary people who try to augment our pathetic incomes by selling junk on the internet for pennies are the latest target of the HMRC, which says around £5.9bn per year is lost in tax revenues by people earning on the side online and not declaring it. Read More >>

HMRC May Have Messed up “Thousands” of its Corrected Tax Demands

The UK's tax office may have made mistakes on top of mistakes, with accountants claiming HMRC got its recalculations wrong when correcting previous mistakes -- so some some people may receive a third, different, tax bill. Read More >>

Cameron May Raise Tax Allowance to £10,500 So You Like Him More

"What a horrible man," people say, unless he hands us all a nice tax break, in which case have all of our votes, Dave. That's how David Cameron thinks you think anyway, with the PM and chum George Osborne said to be planning to announce a significant rise in the basic tax allowance so we forget about the bad things and vote him in again. Read More >>

HMRC Bins Plan to Tax Bitcoin Transactions

The UK may soon emerge as one of the world's bitcoin safe havens, after tax inspector HMRC revealed it's giving up on its plan to add 20 per cent VAT to transactions made in the virtual money. Read More >>

Today is Tax Return Deadline Day (But You May be Eligible for an Extension)

Unless you want to fancy footing a hefty £100 fine from HMRC, today is your last chance to fill in your tax return online. Apparently there are 1.5 million people yet to fill out their returns (though some have been granted an 11th-hour reprieve till February 15th). Consider yourself warned. [HMRC] Read More >>

Goldfish Death and Volcano Obsession Blamed for Late Tax Returns

In case you needed reminding, it's nearly tax return deadline day. And to get the nation in the mood for the tedious act of working out how much money to willingly give the government, HMRC has released its ten stupidest reasons for late tax returns. Even the government is doing list features these days. Read More >>

Taxman “Snooped” on 14,400 Taxpayer Communications Last Year

Here's an odd fact. HMRC has the right to monitor what websites you use, see where and when phone calls were placed and know the date and time of your emails. And it made over 14,000 of these snooping requests last year. Read More >>

Olympic Torch Tax Will Get the UK’s Economy Back on Track

All those people currently jogging around the country as part of the national advert for the Olympics have popped up on the HMRC's radar, with the UK's tax inspector warning potential torch eBayers that they're liable to tax on the proceeds. Read More >>